Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How I used to Naturally Straighten my hair without a Perm

Wet hair no straightening, this is what it looks like without heat. Basically straight but you still have to style it. #NoMakeUpSelfie

I used Canned coconut milk the cream part and Lime juice. I would alternate between fresh lime juice and the bottle. I let my hair soak in this deep conditioner for at least an hour then I would straighten my hair with a 100% ceramic flat iron that works wonders. After blow drying my hair on a low heat setting and with a diffuser attached. In order to train your hair to be naturally straight directions from whatever website I got that from years ago says to do this once a week for at least an hour but for best results over night for 3 months. Then your hair will be straight without a perm or a straightener. I tried this and it worked for me, I still used my flat iron at times to get the look I wanted but without it my hair was relatively straight without much effort. I've done this for a series of years and it has worked for me. I no longer commit to the whole lifestyle of straightening my hair. I do this routine a few times a year to help loosen up my curls, reduce humidity, reduce frizz, and less tangles and knots.

Don't buy online if you don't have to. You can find these cans in the Asian/Hispanic foods section of your local grocery store. My local Target and Walmart stores carry these as well. They can be anywhere between $2-$4 a can. Limes range from 10/$1 to $.25 at the most. I have short hair and now my sides are shaved so this lasts me about 2-4 weeks so I only needed to make this about once a month then save it in the refrigerator. So it's about $5/month if you have short hair. When I first started I have a full head of shoulder length hair.

Disclaimer: I am not a hair stylist or a chemist. This is a method I found on the internet years ago, tried it and it worked for my hair type and I am sharing the information and results. This may or may not work well for others. I recommend this treatment over harmful chemical perms any day.

Best Brands I recommend for coconut milk are Thai Kitchen and  Arroy-D. You want to get regular coconut milk not lite. Lite will be watery and gross, you cannot use this for a conditioner it will not hold. When you do get regular coconut milk, put it in the refrigerator so the cream is at the top. Leave the watery part out. Also another tip, be sure to get coconut milk, not coconut oil, not coconut water, coconut milk from the can not the bottle.
This is what is should look like at the top when you take it out of the refrigerator. You only use the top.

Here's a few pictures of what my hair used to look like after I did this for once a week 3 months straight and then every few months to touch up my roots.

Here's what I had to struggle with in High School/Early College

Even when going to a professional hair stylist religiously every 2 weeks or so and with regular flat ironing I still had these giant frizz balls from hell.

The stringiness was real even when I curled it.
Myspace selfie for the win and Today's kid's will never know how cool you were is you had a Sidekick phone.

How my hair looks now that I stopped doing this like once a week for months on end and let my hair be curly, frizzy, puffy, etc...

The last time I straightened my hair without this on bleached hair.

Super dry

The last time I straightened my hair this year using the deep conditioner, air dry hair, and ceramic flat irons.

Btw trying to tease your hair when you don't have a blow dryer is epic failure.

Over time I began to add in other oils to make it softer like olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, (pretty any oil that's good for hair).

If I want to loosen my curls and use this without loosing them entirely I will add in a mashed ripe avocado.

I still do 15-30 minute hot oil treatments ever to often. To prevent product build up I soak my hair in a mixture of warm water, apple cider vinegar , sometimes tea like green tea or chamomile but pretty much any would do. Then rinse it out and style. I stopped using Shampoo years ago because of the harsh chemicals that dry out my hair and irritate my skin. I'm allergic to perfume/fragrance and other harsh chemicals. When my hair gets really gross I'll use a little bit of shimmer lights shampoo to keep my blonde up or Shea Moisture shampoo for curly hair. Or co-wash my hair with a minty conditioner and rinse out with warm water. I dry my hair with a t-shirt instead of towels because they dry out your hairs natural moisture.

I hope this helps people who have perms think about transitioning to this method instead and those who want to get perms try this out. It's healthy, safe, and much cheaper in the long run.