Monday, October 3, 2016

Milwaukee fashion week 2016: Halloween Fashion Collection Release


Bark River Photography
Model:April Adams

This year I released a new 10-piece fashion collection for Milwaukee Fashion Week. I show cased a Halloween/Witchy themed two piece outfits with crop tops/bralets and elastic skirts with triangle shaped panels in various Halloween prints around in two layers and a thin tutu underneath.  Last year I released a collection with a Dark Lolita theme, however, I was not able to get everything I wanted to make the look turn out the way I planned. So a few components were missing and I was working in things right up until show night. It was kind of crazy and stressful. But, after seeing my designs on the runway for the first time and walking down the runway for the first time as a Fashion Designer instead of a model felt right. 

 Hawk Photography
Model:Delaney Mann

That’s when I started taking myself more seriously as an artist and working Fashion Designer. I started Rain’s Wonderland in 2012, but I listed things on Etsy on and off and never really took it seriously as a business. But due to a series of events I started to take myself and my work more seriously and get things rolling. In August of 2015 I started vending at local craft fairs monthly as much as possible and seeing my business grow from there. 

 Hawk Photos
Model: Gabrielle Follete

I started with Jewelry and accessories and I am gradually starting to add more clothing collections to my work too. This Halloween collection is the first of many projects I wish to work on in my creative journey.  I won’t be working on any new fashion collections anytime soon. Maybe towards the beginning of next year. But no two collections will ever be exactly the same. I have so many themes and inspirations to work on. And to prepare for the Halloween/Holiday season. I will keep you all posted on new projects as they come along. 

 Hawk Photography
Model: Kim Kimberly

This years fashion show was fun, I got to meet so many new people and see familiar faces, and no two experiences are ever the same. I truly Thank everyone involved in preparing and planning the show again. I look forward to doing it again next year and maybe look into doing some more fashion shows locally as well. 

Hawk Photos
Model: Kim

 Hawk Photos
Model: Holland Huron
Hawk Photos
Model: Nicolle Falk

Hawk Photos
Model: Jade Rock


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