Friday, March 21, 2014

Youtube Channels that I enjoy!

These are mostly blogs that I've watched a few times over a few months and some a few years mostly ranging in Gothic/Alternative lifestyle, Modeling, Music, Fashion, Cooking, DIY, crafting, Decorating, And a few other things.Enjoy! Feel Free to recommend more in the comments. Feedback is welcomed. 

Sebastian Columbine 

I discovered her Blog a few years ago from Stripy Tight and Dark Delights Blog. She posts mostly about Goth/Alternative/Deathrock scene. Hauls, OOTD, Makeup, and she answers questions about the scene to make it easier and more approachable. 


I like her makeup, contacts, outfits, and clothing haul post. 

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

I found her post when looking for Goths of color in the scene and stumbled across her channel recently. 

Angelic Distortion

I like her style of makeup, and dress, and she talks about serious things and rants about people, the scene, and things that just should stop or shouldn't be. I think post like hers helps raise awareness and reduces ignorance in the general public. 


Her post are mostly about art, poetry, the past, college, art school, introverts, and asexual awareness and just about being herself. 


I also found her on Stripy tights and Dark Delights a few years ago to. She post about music, goths who dance, misconceptions, thrift stores, trips to the grave yard, hauls, alternative/gothic lifestyle and a wide range of topics in general. 

Black Silk

She posts mostly belly dance, industrial dance videos, answers questions about gothic lifestyle choices, misconceptions, appearance, her fiance Gabe, her kids, Night outtings, Hauls, and OOTD's. 


Adora BatBrat is a Swedish Alternative model, she posts mostly makeup tutorials, music videos, OOTD's, Cooking, DIY, Crafting, etc. 

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