Monday, January 20, 2014

Tfp Shoots! Part 2 A few things I'd like to add

Before agreeing to shoot with me on a project be sure to inform me of anything important before the shoot.

You have to ask yourself these questions

1.) Am I capable of committing to this project fully?
I only ask this because I've shoot with photographers for concepts and other projects only to have them later tell me or not of issues later.

A.) Unable to produce hi-res images. If you are not able to to produce hi-res imaging need for a publication. That is okay we can shoot for another project. I am currently do shoots for magazine Submissions, and sets. So if one doesn't work then the other one will.

B.) Don't check email. I've shoot with a few photographers clearly stating that I'm only willing and able to shoot tf if and only if we can use those pictures to submit to magazine and I fill out submission applications, type up bios, sign the release, and everything needed to be done on my end only to have the photographer not reply to me, not check email, or no response at all. That means that all of the hard work I put into a shoot building the concept, gathering wardrobe and props needed to make it happen, doing hair and makeup, time spent at the shoot, money spent on transportation, wardrobe, props, etc. All goes down the drain because of something as simply as an email. Please if you do not and are not willing and able to check your email for one reason or another. Please inform me of this before agreeing to shoot with me.

C.) Has a problem signing the release for Magazine and doesn't say anything until after the deadline has passed. Please if you have any technical difficulties with any sites, links, files etc. Please contact the editor of the publication, or help desk at and inform them of your issue and seek help.

D.) If you don't like the pictures from our shoot and would like to shoot again to change something about me. Don't be afraid to ask.

E.) If you believe that shooting tf means that models don't get pictures until after payment is made for edited images. Please don't bother working with me.

  • Please do not post pictures until after the publication is released. 
  • Most magazines ask for between 4-12 images with 2-3 looks per set especially when applying for the cover. If you are not comfortable with that, if that's too much. That's fine just inform me in advanced. 
  • If you are going away on vacation, need a hiatus from online, sick, etc, I understand. Just please inform me of something somehow before shooting if you are aware that is the case before shooting. 

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