Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How I feel about Lingerie/Bikini Modeling?

*Miniture Rant! I highly doubt that you or your "client needs me to send or take nude, implied, parts, erotic pictures in order to sell your or their products. Yes I am a professional Art Nude model. But that doesn't mean that you can just sneak things like that into a shoot especially if those terms weren't discussed before hand. It's a red flag and I will not work with you if you come off as creepy or dangerous in any way shape or form. Thanks for understanding.

Red and Black makeup from video.

What you may be interested in shooting when you mention Bikini/Lingerie shoots Examples

My Idea of Bikini/Swimwear/Lingerie shoots 

There is a huge difference. If you are willing to work with concept similar to this or be willing to collaborate on something in the middle that's awesome. If you are only interested in shooting eye candy and erotica. Or things that I deem typical, cliche, and over done. And not willing to meet somewhere in the middle. Please do not bother working with me if you have an issue with my style, hair, makeup, tattoos, etc. I am and Alt model, be aware. Please and Thank You. 

Also this style of modeling seems to attract a lot of pervs and creeps more than it does with Artistic nudes as shocking as that is. So I am only willing to work with you in this style if...
1.) You are okay with my style or we collaborate with a designer for the shoot. 
2.) Images are used for printed publication.
3.) We both agree to do a set for

There are no if's, and's, or but's about it. If you are just shooting just to shoot, just to take pictures of half naked women, or to try to get a date. You are barking up the wrong tree. 

Figure modeling at Palette and Chisel school of Fine Arts Sketches

I've been requested to take snap shots of artist work, with permission of course so here are a few snap shots of sketches from my last figure drawing class.

 Painting from student gallery Open house

List of Publications I'd like to submit to and Pinterest links

Okay so here is a list of magazines that I am not published in yet would like to submit to. If any one stands out to you let me know and we can build a concept around that. If it gets rejected from one publication we can try for another. Please understand that if we agree to shoot for a publication submission, you'll have to be able to commit to it fully and if you have any questions or concerns I prefer to sort them out prior to the shoot. This saves both us time, energy, and reduces misunderstandings post shoot or doing. 

I'd like to plan shoots at least a month or so in advance. I am still shooting for magazine submissions and doing sets for 

If we shoot for a magazine concept I will send you links to different ones I'd like to submit to along with concepts I'd like to prepare for the shoot. Most magazines have guidelines as to what they want when you submit. like 
*Hi-res images at least 300dpi or bigger 
*Between 4-12 images 
* Unpublished online or anywhere else before publication releases 
*Some ask all parties involved to sign a release and confirms with all parties involved. 
*Some ask for variety of 2-3 looks in one set 
*Unmarked images (some don't mind as long as they have permission) 

Are you able to commit to this? I only ask due to recent issues I've had with photographers that I've shoot with only to put in a lot of hard work and effort into something and not receive anything back. I only ask that you inform me in advance if you are too busy to edit pictures after shoot, don't know how edit or use your software, are unable to produce hi res images, or wouldn't be able to sign the release for one reason or another. Do you check your personal/business email often? Please inform me prior to shoot of any hiatuses from the internet, lack of connection, technical difficulties, upcoming vacations etc. If we submit and the magazine responds to ask for hi-res images, release, confirmation etc. A prompt response is preferred in order to have the set ready for the current issue.


If we decide to shoot a zivity set I can send you an invite through email for a free trail and it will remain free after the set is uploaded. If you have any technical difficulties with the site please seek help with the help desk and they will be able to assist you shortly. I think the minimum set is 6 images and the biggest ones are 45, but not so sure. has there own form of paper work for all members to print fill out and either mail out/scan/ or simply take a picture of and email them. They pay models and photographers on a 3 month cycle based on how many votes you receive from fans so the paper work is mostly tax purposes. Photographers are the only ones aloud to upload sets. The only way models can upload sets as if they are self shots or the model is a photographer as well and will have to create a photographers profile. So if we shoot with the agreement to publish a set for please be willing and able to commit to publishing the set and communicate with me of any technical difficulties or concerns you may have and I will be able to assist you as best as possible.

Sorry for the long post I just want to make sure you are as informed as possible and are able to commit to whatever it is that we a agree to shoot and all of my hard work doesn't go to waste. I'm not looking to shoot just for the point of shooting or just to add to my portfolio. I shoot with a purpose to create art. 

If you have any questions or concerns about magazine guidelines or policies I will be more than happy to answer them or send you a link to their sites so that you have a better idea of what I'm looking to shoot. I can also send you link to the editors email address to contact him/her/them directly.

I hope this long list inspires you to create some art with me and I look forward to pursuing this journey with you.

Thanks- Ellen 
Best Wishes :-)

P.S. If you do not follow up with you commitment on the projects we both choose to collaborate on as in not return pictures after shoot, etc. I will never work with you again and I will not be able to refer you to other models. If you do not want to fully to commit to out projects before and after shoots, Please do not bother working with me and move on to other models. Thanks :-)

Auxiliary Magazine … suu/68?e=0 

Gothesque Magazine 
Issue#11/April 2014/Submission deadline will be February 28th - Spells, Magic, Witches, Gypsys … ches-gyps/ 

Freque Magazine 
This month doesn't have a specific theme anything goes 

Vibrant Magazine!submission … ines/c196o 

Alternative Revolution Magazine … phers.html 

Giuseppina Magazine 


Fashion Bombshell!models/c1x9v 

Bella Morte 

Gaunt Magazine 

Rebellicious Magazine 

Vibrant Magazine!submission … ines/c196o 

Beau Nu Magazine … 59&sk=info 

Superior Magazine

Savage Beauty Magazine

Factice Magazine

Fascinating Magazine

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tfp Shoots! Part 2 A few things I'd like to add

Before agreeing to shoot with me on a project be sure to inform me of anything important before the shoot.

You have to ask yourself these questions

1.) Am I capable of committing to this project fully?
I only ask this because I've shoot with photographers for concepts and other projects only to have them later tell me or not of issues later.

A.) Unable to produce hi-res images. If you are not able to to produce hi-res imaging need for a publication. That is okay we can shoot for another project. I am currently do shoots for magazine Submissions, and sets. So if one doesn't work then the other one will.

B.) Don't check email. I've shoot with a few photographers clearly stating that I'm only willing and able to shoot tf if and only if we can use those pictures to submit to magazine and I fill out submission applications, type up bios, sign the release, and everything needed to be done on my end only to have the photographer not reply to me, not check email, or no response at all. That means that all of the hard work I put into a shoot building the concept, gathering wardrobe and props needed to make it happen, doing hair and makeup, time spent at the shoot, money spent on transportation, wardrobe, props, etc. All goes down the drain because of something as simply as an email. Please if you do not and are not willing and able to check your email for one reason or another. Please inform me of this before agreeing to shoot with me.

C.) Has a problem signing the release for Magazine and doesn't say anything until after the deadline has passed. Please if you have any technical difficulties with any sites, links, files etc. Please contact the editor of the publication, or help desk at and inform them of your issue and seek help.

D.) If you don't like the pictures from our shoot and would like to shoot again to change something about me. Don't be afraid to ask.

E.) If you believe that shooting tf means that models don't get pictures until after payment is made for edited images. Please don't bother working with me.

  • Please do not post pictures until after the publication is released. 
  • Most magazines ask for between 4-12 images with 2-3 looks per set especially when applying for the cover. If you are not comfortable with that, if that's too much. That's fine just inform me in advanced. 
  • If you are going away on vacation, need a hiatus from online, sick, etc, I understand. Just please inform me of something somehow before shooting if you are aware that is the case before shooting.