Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Out to Helter Skelter at Neo!

Here's just a few pictures of my full outfit.
The top and pants bottoms are an old dress I dyed and cut into 3 parts. The original color was a peach pink and after multiple home dye attempts to change the color into something darker and deeper. I got purple, red, and a few dark blue ink spills. The baby doll top didn't have a fit bodice so I added scraps of faded black jersey from a shirt I used as scraps to go with my belt.

Post club pictures.

Bottom half of my skirt/scarf. and Pants bottoms to make my legs fluffy. 

Clubbing pictures my friends tagged me on Facebook.

I have pictures of me and Friends, but not sure if they want them posted here. but this basically sums up my night at Neo! Fun times!

P.S. I finally stopped being a wuss and Shaved off my eyebrows and forcing myself to learn how to draw them on. And make more room for my eye shadow to go as high as I'd like it too. 

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