Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What do you get when you hire a Freelance model if it’s not nude?

                I saw a few post online directed at models who don’t shoot nudes. A lot of photographers will not actually agree to pay a model unless.
  1. They are being hired by a third party.
  2. The model is extremely talented can wear multiple hats, I.E makeup, design, editing, good wardrobe selection, flexible, willing to travel, will enhance their portfolio in some way, is published in various magazines, books, etc.
  3. Is nude or semi -nude for their portfolio, own personal reasons, art, hobby, website, etc.

But what about the multi-talented models out there who don’t shoot nudes, and those that do who are capable of creating good art. Without taking their clothing off. A lot of photographer feel like “what am I paying for if the model isn’t nude.”
1.       The ability to emote (Expression emotions from without on the outside using facial expressions and the body).
2.       The ability to Pose. Lots of models when they first start out, me being one of them. Do not know how to pose. I for one had trouble getting out of the conditioned Cheese, smile every time you see a camera. And I didn’t understand how to properly move my body. I focused way too hard on trying to memorize poses and look cute. Smiling in all of your pictures look way to family portrait and high school seniorish, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. but if you are looking to market fashion and create art this will not work. You don’t want to attempt to look cute or memorize poses and copy them. You’d want to focus more on how you feel, the music playing in the background, the energy you get from the photographer or team of people you work with, the character you are portraying, etc. You’d want to hire a model with experience in doing so to create various looks in a shoot and emote different vibes. You shouldn’t aim just to take cute pictures of cute models. You’d want to create art that shocks and intrigues people to draw them into your work and get a feel for your imagination.
3.       Wardrobe selection. Models pay tons of money on wardrobe not just for their own personal use but often rent things from designers just to wear once. Make clothing and accessories needed for that look. And are often willing to purchase new looks for the purpose of one shoot just to make sure that it all comes together right.
4.       Makeup, most models do their own makeup and hair which a skill that’s not always easily acquired. Or they will hire their own makeup artist and makeup artist for shoots.
5.       Concepts, we spend 10-20 hours a week looking for concept inspiration and brainstorming our own ideas that are unique to the shoot. We are artist and each of us has our own style and way of doing things.
6.       Props, We buy and make props needed for shoots to make it all come together elaborately. Including wigs, umbrellas, dolls, etc and all kind of random things. Some models will design a full set and put everything in place.
7.       Passion, we are passionate about creating art and collaborating with likeminded individuals who appreciate us and have similar goals in mind. We don’t aim just to take pretty pictures just to get a bunch of likes and tags online. We aim to create art and share it with the world. We are vulnerable beings in front of the camera. By allowing others to take our picture and open up a part of us that is left otherwise dead. We are trusting you capture that side of us when we are truly being ourselves to the fullest. With all of the pent anxiety, stress, and creativity that overflows from us.

8.       Purpose, some models aim to be published in magazines, join agencies, walk in runway shows, and work with the most talented designers in the world. Not to just take pictures to get attention. We are driven artist. 

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