Thursday, October 3, 2013

Someone reported me as an endangered child!

That akward moment when you go one day without makeup. Go to dunkin donuts with your boss (an older white male). And someone reports you as in endangered child and three cop cars pull us over and ask a bunch of questions to confirm that I am a consenting adult. Wtf Dunkin Donuts I just wanted a grilled cheese and tea.

I don't know rather I should be insulted or flattered but wow. On the positive note I am glad there are people out there on the lookout for signs of endagered persons. I thank you for your concern whoever you are. 

These are pictures of me and how I looked. No makeup


  1. WOW, LOL. You don't look like a child to me, people should at least think you're 18 but I'm also glad that people are on the lookout for creeps messing with younger girls/boys. Look look cute in your pictures btw =)

    1. lol Thanks,...I'm glad there are people on the lookout too.....Thanks MoMo M.