Thursday, September 19, 2013

Model Photographer Trust

What is it? What does it mean if I allow you to take pictures of me? What are the generals rules of respect that all should be aware of?

Well basically, if I trust you to take pictures of me it means a lot.

  • I like your work and I believe that we can collaborate to make art together.
  • I am trusting you to tell me everything about the shoot prior to getting there. No surprises!
  • I am trusting you to be honest and inform me of what your plans are to do with the pictures. 
  • Send me links to your webpage, blog or any other place you chose to place the images. 
  • Not to post images of me without permission or informing me. 
  • I shouldn't have to google myself to see if my pictures are found and what keywords lead to them out of curiosity to stumble upon images that I've never scene. Never signed a release for. Or wasn't informed of their whereabouts. 
  • Video work. I do not do Video work mostly because I have no idea what the quality is going to be like if I have never seen this in your work before. They get posted on sites I do not wish to be associated with. And if you are going to record models than you need to inform them and put it in a release. 
  • It is highly unethical to record someone without their permission especially when shoots involve nudity or to have hidden cameras in the changing area or bathroom. 
  • Do not approach me in a rude way. Do not send me a message saying hey I'm in your area booking shoots my rates are $$$. Unless I ask, I don't want to know. It's rude. I won't even reply to you. 
  • If you ask me to send you a model resume with a list of all of the projects I've ever done, and links to all of the people I've ever worked with to "prove" that I have been modeling for 2+ years. Do not expect a pleasant reply. 
  • Unsolicited advice: Not welcomed and not taken lightly. Do not tell me to wear more color, You look better in color, I'd prefer you with less makeup on you really should stop, Grow up and stop all of this Goth shit.... I will never work with you again!
  • Insults: Not welcomed from photographers, designers, amatuers, famous, newyork photographers, etc. It's never okay no matter who you are. 
  • Return pictures from shoots. I don't expect them over night but rather a project is tf or paid if I get one good picture back I am happy. If I don't get pictures back. Do NOT ask to work with me again. 
  • Respect my boundaries: Read my profile! It clearly states that I do not shoot tf nudes, I even included a link stating why I don't shoot tf nudes. DON'T Ask! It clearly states that I DO NOT SHOOT Erotics! Don't ask! Offering me more money will not budge this. 
  • Do not distort my images to the point that it is unrecognizable or unflattering. 
  • Watermarks, I understand you want to protect your work  but don't put your watermark across my face or unflattering parts on my body to make my smile look crocked or eyes uneven, etc. 
  • Do not talk about how your inbox is filled with lots of other models dying to work with you while we are shooting because I am not complying with what you want because you didn't read my profile to see my boundaries. 
  • If I leave a shoot, I do so respectfully, alright thanks for your time, this isn't for me, I have to go by and leave it at that. Do not send me multiple text messages that are rude and insulting like, ugh models like you make me sick.....
  • DO NOT insult me!
  • DO NOT give me crap about my tattoos or hair! My portfolio is clear, my images show my tattoos and current hair color and length. DO Not tell me I need Remy! AKA ugly cheap ass weave because you have a problem with models with short hair! 
  • Do NOT give me an attitude because your mad because my tattoo can't be captured all on one shot and you can only capture parts of it per angle. I didn't get my tattoos with you in mind so deal with it. 
  • DO NOT tell me to dye my hair just to shoot with . My hair is mine and mine alone and it will be whatever color I chose it to be. 
Just be professional, honest, and nice. It makes the whole process go much smooter 

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