Saturday, September 21, 2013

So you want to be a Dark/Alternative/Gothic Model...

1. Think about why you want to model. Is it because you want pretty pictures for your social media sites? Is it because you want to be seem as "haute stuff"?

Modeling isn't about just taking pretty pictures just to post online and get lots of likes and shares. It's an art form just like any other. It's about freedom of self expression and inspiring others to dress how they like, get the piercings and tattoos they want, and to not care about what others think. Gothic/Alternative models typically have goals of being published in magazines both online and print, building up fans and support, working with talented designers, makeup artist, body painters, photographers. And artist all across the board to collaborate with to make art. Does this sound like something you'd like to do?

2. What do you do when you discover that you want to be a Dark/Alternative/Gothic model?
Well you find photographers in the area that are good and willing to collaborate with you to build up your portfolio so that you can have something to show to potential clients as well as others you wish to work with. Portfolio's are like resumes. Those with the most impressive ones usually get more work and creativity done. So do your research to get familiar with what good photography looks like. Cell pictures, webcam photos, and candids are good for showing the behind the scenes work but not good for your actual portfolio.

3. Shoot with photographers for magazine submissions. Get familiar with the guidelines by visiting their websites and reading them thoroughly and make sure that you and everyone else involved understands them. Do not submit to magazines without the photographers permission. Most publications will ask for credits, links, some even releases signed by both of you. Do not edit the photographers work without their permission.

4. Make sure you have the wardrobe to suit the sort of style you wish to portray. You don't have to mimic other models to be and Alternative model. And don't listen   to any elitist who will tell you otherwise. Keep in mind you are also free to do other projects. If you do fashion, commercial, print modeling and you're signed with an agency yet still do alternative modeling that is totally fine. Don't listen to elitist who will tell you that you have to do only alt modeling to be considered an Alternative/Dark/Gothic model. This is an art that is all about freedom of SELF-expression and creativity. To each their own.

5. You may want to become social media savy and get a facebook fan page, twitter, youtube, pinterest, deviant art, etc. To make it easier for people to find you in a search and to get more work.

6. If you are looking to become a model because you believe that you are automatically going to be rich and famous after a few shoots then you are barking up the wrong tree. When you first start modeling you either work tf (time for prints/time for CD/time for photos) to build up your port or you hire photographers, rent wardrobe from designers, hire makeup artist/hair stylist, or you find friends that are talented enough to do all of that with you. Especially with Alternative modeling, in the US. There aren't many Alternative Agencies. Those that do exist most have gone out of business because there isn't a huge demand for it.

7. Don't take advice from people. Yes that's right people. People who are not apart of the fashion industry at all. If you want advice about modeling, ask a model. There are lots of blogs, websites dedicated to this as well as various books. I was very disappointed to read this in the Gothic Charm School website.It's very bad advice. It's good to think about why you want to be a model, but most of her suggestions are based on assumptions that people make who really don't know anything about modeling.

8. Be aware that you are going to attract attention no matter who you are or what you do in life. That attention could be either negative or positive. If you are considering becoming an Alternative/Dark/Gothic model then I would assume that you are already apart of the Alternative Community in some way, shape or form. If you'd like to be a model, I would assume that you are already dressing in alternative fashions. Which means that you are used to the attention. It's an issue of mind over matter. Those that mind don't matter. By putting yourself out there you are more vulnerable to attention either way it comes. But modeling isn't about attention and you shouldn't let the fear of negative attention stop you from being yourself and doing what you love. The Lady Of Matters made it seem like this is all modeling is about, like it's really a horrible thing and actually quite judgmental. Something I wouldn't expect from someone who wrote a book on Gothic Etiguette. Sure she may KNOW models, photographers, etc. But she isn't either one.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alternative modeling Bloody Pinup shoot with Simon Wolak!

Screaming Bloody Murder

Dark Angel 

More Blood and Gore

Gothic, dark, sweet shoot with Coma Pill Photography, Rain, Alternative model

Model Photographer Trust

What is it? What does it mean if I allow you to take pictures of me? What are the generals rules of respect that all should be aware of?

Well basically, if I trust you to take pictures of me it means a lot.

  • I like your work and I believe that we can collaborate to make art together.
  • I am trusting you to tell me everything about the shoot prior to getting there. No surprises!
  • I am trusting you to be honest and inform me of what your plans are to do with the pictures. 
  • Send me links to your webpage, blog or any other place you chose to place the images. 
  • Not to post images of me without permission or informing me. 
  • I shouldn't have to google myself to see if my pictures are found and what keywords lead to them out of curiosity to stumble upon images that I've never scene. Never signed a release for. Or wasn't informed of their whereabouts. 
  • Video work. I do not do Video work mostly because I have no idea what the quality is going to be like if I have never seen this in your work before. They get posted on sites I do not wish to be associated with. And if you are going to record models than you need to inform them and put it in a release. 
  • It is highly unethical to record someone without their permission especially when shoots involve nudity or to have hidden cameras in the changing area or bathroom. 
  • Do not approach me in a rude way. Do not send me a message saying hey I'm in your area booking shoots my rates are $$$. Unless I ask, I don't want to know. It's rude. I won't even reply to you. 
  • If you ask me to send you a model resume with a list of all of the projects I've ever done, and links to all of the people I've ever worked with to "prove" that I have been modeling for 2+ years. Do not expect a pleasant reply. 
  • Unsolicited advice: Not welcomed and not taken lightly. Do not tell me to wear more color, You look better in color, I'd prefer you with less makeup on you really should stop, Grow up and stop all of this Goth shit.... I will never work with you again!
  • Insults: Not welcomed from photographers, designers, amatuers, famous, newyork photographers, etc. It's never okay no matter who you are. 
  • Return pictures from shoots. I don't expect them over night but rather a project is tf or paid if I get one good picture back I am happy. If I don't get pictures back. Do NOT ask to work with me again. 
  • Respect my boundaries: Read my profile! It clearly states that I do not shoot tf nudes, I even included a link stating why I don't shoot tf nudes. DON'T Ask! It clearly states that I DO NOT SHOOT Erotics! Don't ask! Offering me more money will not budge this. 
  • Do not distort my images to the point that it is unrecognizable or unflattering. 
  • Watermarks, I understand you want to protect your work  but don't put your watermark across my face or unflattering parts on my body to make my smile look crocked or eyes uneven, etc. 
  • Do not talk about how your inbox is filled with lots of other models dying to work with you while we are shooting because I am not complying with what you want because you didn't read my profile to see my boundaries. 
  • If I leave a shoot, I do so respectfully, alright thanks for your time, this isn't for me, I have to go by and leave it at that. Do not send me multiple text messages that are rude and insulting like, ugh models like you make me sick.....
  • DO NOT insult me!
  • DO NOT give me crap about my tattoos or hair! My portfolio is clear, my images show my tattoos and current hair color and length. DO Not tell me I need Remy! AKA ugly cheap ass weave because you have a problem with models with short hair! 
  • Do NOT give me an attitude because your mad because my tattoo can't be captured all on one shot and you can only capture parts of it per angle. I didn't get my tattoos with you in mind so deal with it. 
  • DO NOT tell me to dye my hair just to shoot with . My hair is mine and mine alone and it will be whatever color I chose it to be. 
Just be professional, honest, and nice. It makes the whole process go much smooter 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TFP Shoots!

First, don't be afraid to ask. I do not bite. I try to be as specific as possible in my portfolio to avoid constantly repeating myself and having to deal with less than professional people.

Okay So I felt the need to type this up here due to a few problems I've had with collaborations not going as planned.

What is TFP?
Time for print/photos

It means that two or more people are coming together to create photos and the payment is the photos to use for whatever the agreed upon use is.

I have a pretty developed portfolio after over 2 years of modeling. I am not looking to add any more.Only to enhance and upgrade my portfolio. It has to be something new and exciting that I have never done before to capture my attention.

Why do I shoot TF?

1.)At this point I shoot TF with the intention of shooting with like minded creative individuals who I believe will enhance my portfolio.

2.) My look changes constantly and I like to have photos the represent my current look so there are any suprises when I show up to a shoot.

3.) I shoot TF with creative people who also like me have the goals of being published in alternative magazines and having high quality work to put out there for the world to see.

4.) Creative Muse: I don't mind working and collaborating with like minded creative individuals who have projects in mind that they believe are suited for me if I am interested in it. But it has be something that I feel is beneficial to me on some level either creative, career wise, fun, intellectual, charity, or something really mind blowing that I do not wish to miss out on.

Things I will NOT do Rather it's TF of PAID!
1.) Erotics, do play dumb and act like you don't know the difference between art and porn. You may see a creative side to this, but I am not interested. Offering me more money will not make me budge on this.

2.) Commercial photography work, my profile clearly states that I am an alternative model and that I am interested in alternative shoots. Most of the request I receive for this line of work are tf and have no benefit to me or my portfolio what so ever.

3.) Fetish work, I am not into foot fetish shoots. A lot of people would like to have you believe that it's just some guy hiring you to take pictures of your feet. But what I have found by reading the fine print is quite disturbing. They require me to be okay with being touched, having my toes sucked or licked, ticking, jacking some guy off with my feet, letting guys cum on my feet, and even footsie creeps me out. I'm sorry I am not interested in this line of work even it is just guys taking pictures of my feet it has no benefit to my portfolio or place in my career thanks for understanding.

4.) Video Vixens, I am not interested in shaking my ass in some guys rap video. Which is what I find most of those request to be. Sorry you are barking up the wrong tree.

 #3 Over the past year, I've been shooting tf with people clearly stating before working together that I'm interested in submitting to alternative magazines and that is the only main reason why I agree to shoot with them. But I have not been able to submit a single thing.

1.) I don't get pictures back from a shoot.

2.) The pictures I do get aren't good enough.

3.) I submit to magazines and get approved and I let the photographers know that I submitted and send them the guidelines for submissions and crickets. I haven't heard back from either one of them.


1.) If you are looking to collaborate with me and it only benefits your project but does nothing for my portfolio. I have Rates they are reasonable.

2.) If you would like to shoot tf with me you must agree that to shoot a concept both of us can use and after submissions (if we decide to submit to any) fill out the photographers side of the applications so that our work can be published in the following issue. If I have worked with you TF before, and I've submitted to magazines yet never heard back from you I will never shoot TF with you Again!

3.) I do not shoot tf nudes, lingerie, or bikini work and very selective of projects that I do choose.

4.) You cannot try to control the shoot and have a my way or the highway kind of attitude. I will end the shoot early and never work with you again.

5.) You should be fully aware that I am an alternative model and I am interested in shooting in mostly alternative fashions. "Traditional" styled shoots aren't really for me. I'm not generally interested. Its ones of those things that I am fully capable of doing, but wouldn't benefit me in any way.  Again I have rates! They are reasonable just ask or make me an offer even better.

Basically I'm only interested in shooting tf if its an alternative, dark, horror, gore,....etc. concept that I can use for magazine submissions and if you are fine with all of the agreements most magazine require after approving submissions. These are most magazine requirements not mine.

I am genuinely interested in shooting with creative like minded individuals.  "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" -unknown. I am looking to collaborate with people capable of creating art that shocks, captivates, scares, disturbs, and just pushes the button and goes outside of the box.

1.) Unmarked photos Watermarks looks like they copied them right off the internet without permission even if they do have permission it's still highly unprofessional.

2.) Unpublished photos, I know after shoots we both get excited to share them with the world and your intial reaction is to post them on all of your social media sites and such, but they are much more valuable after waiting until after they are published then sharing the tearsheets.

3.) Large Hi Res images that are at least 300 DPI or bigger. Please let me know in advanced if you do not know how to enlarge images to fit into these standards.

4.) Credits and permission from everyone involved via email mostly. They may ask you to send them an email okaying the use of the images. Send you and email asking if it's okay. Or ask you to print, sign, and scan the release to send it back to them. This includes models, photographers, designers, makeup artist, stylist, and anyone else involved in the creation of the photos.

5.) If we agree to shoot to submit to a magazine, please be willing to commit to it before and after the shoot. And if you have any questions, concerns, or issues please let me know in advance before agreeing to shoot together to save both of us time.

I have clothes that are unphotographed and different looks that I would like to experiment with along with makeup ideas and hair styles I'd like to portray. I have list on my model mayhem account and I tend to post a lot here too. If you are curious about them just ask and we can collaborate together. Thanks

I am willing to work tf for runway, shoots for websites, and promotional work as well.

I have rates they are reasonable. I am a figure model, I work at various art schools all over the city. I can hold poses anywhere from 10 seconds to 1hr depending on the pose, posture, standing, sitting, etc and with breaks of course.

I am willing to shoot tf if it's to promote or benefit some sort of charity.