Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I don’t shoot Nudes Tf?

Assumption: Because I’m nude I deserve to get paid.

Reality: I have far too many nudes in my portfolio and it is nice to do every once in a while, but I do not wish to just do nudes only.

1.)     I am more interested in Alternative modeling,  huge umbrella term for dark, edgy, Gothic, Horror, Gore, Pinup, Art, Fantasy, Etc.

2.)    The purpose of a TF shoot is to either A) Add to my portfolio assuming I don’t have any pictures of anything in a certain category. B) to Update my portfolio on my new look when my Appearance changes in any way ; tattoos, piercings, hair color, hair length, or anything. C) To enhance my portfolio. Meaning that in order for two parties or even a group to get together and trade their time and talent for photos, it has to be beneficial to all parties. I do not feel that nudes are beneficial to my portfolio, though I enjoy doing them. It is not the direction I wish for my career to go into. I do not wish to be side tracked and it takes time and energy away from my other projects.

3.)    Sometimes I unfortunately do not receive pictures back from photo shoots. With Nudes I am very cautious on whom I choose to work with. If it is a paid shoot at least I can say oh, I got paid that was part of the agreement, I don’t need the pictures back. Typically on paid assignments I am made aware that the Photographer is getting paid by a third party for those photos so they cannot post them anywhere. So I understand.

4.)    Respect! This is my art. This is my body and by doing only paid work when it comes to nudes narrows down the amount of creeps I get approaching me. And it allows people to take me more seriously as a model, an artist, and a person overall.

5.)    Last year when I first started shooting nudes I ran into a lot of problems that’s part of the reason why I went into a deep depression because I wasn’t happy with my life and the direction it was going. I got sidetracked with everybody else and their projects that I had no time to do my own.

6.)    The reason why I started modeling in the first place was because I wanted to be an alternative model. I want to have the freedom to be myself to the fullest without holding back and work with like minded creative people who wish to do the same. A part of me comes to life when I’m in front of the camera provided I work with the right people. A part of me that is left dead otherwise. I need art like I need to breath and this is one of my lungs and a huge chunk of my heart. I do not wish to get side tracked again. I am mostly interested in clothed alternative shoots. If you wish to shoot an artistic nude concept with me message me for my rates. If you are an art instructor or artist and you are looking for figure models I am available and reliable. That is All thank you. 

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