Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New work!

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of post I've been insanely busy with school and work. I've done a few more shoots since my last post here's one I did with Faith Betinis.
This was about a month ago for Chicago pride parade in an Alley on the North side. I have a new tattoo of 3 little bats flying out of my belly button and will be adding more along the way. I am a bit sad that my black bat necklace broke over the past weekend :-(. I did take out my dreads and I now have a long black wig with bangs.

New shoots coming in September. I did 2 shoots last week one with Amanda Tea (photographer)/Anthropix 
We did a set for  so you can expect that to be coming along pretty soon.

As for September I am shooting with Coma Pill Photography on something pretty dark and sweet.

And with Jim Sorfleet on a wicked vampire themed shoot.

I have yet to receive pictures back from a few other shoots but as soon as I do I look forward to sharing them hear as well.

I've decided to focus more on alternative modeling than fashion so I will be doing more alternative styles shoots and magazine submissions only for now on and looking to shoot at least twice/month if not more.

I am still adding to my tattoo collection and looking to get some piercings soon. I am adding more things to my wardrobe as well so be on the look out for more things to come.

If you are in or near the Chicago area and would like to work with me know and we can collaborate on a project together.

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