Monday, February 25, 2013

Respect for Models!

Not to mention the time spent learning how to do hair and makeup, researching styles, concepts, and ideas for shoots. Putting up with GWC's to get to a professional photographer. The time it takes to build up a portfolio when less than half of the photographers and people you work with are professional enough to return the pictures from the shoot/show/gig. And less than half of the pictures that are returned to models are worthy of a portfolio/publication.

Time spent working with professional photographers and going to professional photo shoots. Not just self taken photos in the mirror, pictures of us clubbing or spending time with out friends/family. And not photos like these. 

Respect models because for some of us modeling is our full-time/part-time job and it is how we can cover bills and basic expenses to allow us to shoot in the first place. Some have full-time jobs and take time off to shoot for even tf shoots, travel far and out of state, don't have cars etc. And go to extremes to make the shoot what it is. 

Some models even take acting classes or learn on our own to emote better to the camera and not just pose for the camera but, channel into a deeper part of us to bring it out to life in order to make the pictures what it is. It's not just about standing there looking pretty and memorizing a bunch of cliche poses. But when modeling is like acting without words. We're basically a character for a day that may or may not relate to our personality so it requires a degree of acting, expressing emotion, being comfortable in our own skin. 

Some models even take up photography to understand what it's like on the other side of the lens to have a better view of what makes a good photo. Even without the study of photography we have to be aware of lighting, setting, background, colors, angles, etc. 

If you are a professional photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, or fashion/accessory designer. It would benefit you greatly to hire professional models to get the best out of your work. 

When asking a professional model for a trade shoot make sure that you have something in your portfolio worthy of the trade on His/Her end of the bargain. You may benefit from having them in your portfolio, but if your work isn't good, he/she/they will not benefit from it if it is not something new, fun exciting, to add to or enhance their portfolio. Models generally only shoot tf if it's with someone that's talented and has something to add or enhance to their portfolio and or it is for charity, or runway gig. 

Do not be offended if they say "No thank you I prefer to work with professionals only" or "I'm only accepting paid gigs right now."

DO NOT post rude things on your website, social media site, portfolio platform site I.E. Model Mayhem, Model Insider, etc. 
ex. "I don't pay models, models pay me I'm the one with the camera, equipment, and photography degree. All you do is stand there and pose. As far as working out, getting your hair and makeup done you are supposed to do all of that anyways." 

Those same photographers are the same ones always asking for critique on what they can do to enhance their portfolios. 

How about start with respect for you subjects. Just because I'm an artist does not mean that I don't deserve to get paid. If you have a mentality that your job is somehow much more important than mine then I do not want to work with you. 

If you respect your subjects you'll have great pictures and a great portfolio, good experiences, build connections, and continue to go far in your career. Don't respect Models and you will be shooting still images of fruit and manikins! 

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