Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Alternative Modeling? What is "Alternative"?


To me alternative is people who are interested in none mainstream fashion trends who do 

their own thing. It can be Gothic, punk, scene, emo, steampunk, or someone who creates a 

genre all of themselves. Yes heavy tattoos, piercings, and wild hair dye is part of it 

outwardly. But it's mostly a subculture of people who are different in a good unique way 

from society norms and embrace it and come together to find like minded people and live 

life free.


As far as styles go there'e the fashion trends found in almost every store created cheaply 

and mass produced, then there's the alternative fashion trends created by individual artist

who want to share their art and go against the fashion trends. And those who create their


 It's a mindset more than it is a fashion sense. More like a mindset that can be expressed 

through fashion.

"Alternative is a generic term used to describe people who dare to be free-thinkers and who

 are content in being themselves. I don't think being alternative is just about what you wear,

 because all that can be faked. You can't fake your interests and beliefs, you can try, but 

people will pick up on the fact that you're just trying too hard. 

What is off putting about the alternative community is those who try to keep it 

"underground" or those who try to dictate what is and what isn't alternative. In my opinion 

there are no guidelines a person has to adhere to in order to be considered "alternative". I 

personally don't express myself in the way I dress, which is normal for those who are

considered to be "alternative", I prefer to do it through my actions and hobbies. I don't 

think that makes me less "alternative", but to be honest I was never one to get wrapped up 

in labels. I am me, and nothing more." - Ashley Schandelmeier Owner of The Alternative Modeling Directory


This is an age old question that gets asked time and time again to many people in the Alternative world. And there are so many snobs who believe they have the right to tell others what is and what isn't and exclude others that aren't like them. When this Subculture is all about love and acceptence and the freedom to be ourselves even if it's not popular, or not cool.


P.S you may have noticed that I used examples of all sorts of alternative models here to show the variety in the subculture and not just being limited to gothic, punk, metal, tattooes, piercings, Emo, or scene. I used models that have all sorts of styles shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. When I post pictures of alternative models I like to make sure that I post more than just one style, like Gothic, Traditional goth, cyber punk, metal, industrial, tattooed, colorful hair colors as well as natural including blonde.

I am more than honored to find 3 of my modeling pictures in google images next to some of the most talented models in the industry and ones of which I admire most like Amanda Tea, Joan Nokamoto, Natymetal, Yaz, and  a few others including suicide girls. I'm glad to be included and be so easy to find.

Klassy Von Kreeps (necklace designer) 

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