Thursday, October 18, 2012

Polymer clay: craft tips

1.) Never! Ever! Ever!Ever!Ever!Ever!EVER! for any reason under the sun usde Mod Modge on any of your craft wears. Not polymer clay, Bottle caps, Cameos, DO not use it as a glaze of any kind on any surface. It looks nice and shiny in nice cool weather, But when it's hot The product melts, and sticks to everything and attracts all kind of dirt and lint. I actually has place a few items in my Factory Reject bin. Which is where I keep the peices that went wrong at some point before, during, or after the making as a lesson of what not to do.
2. Never use Carckled Accents or glossy accents on Polymer clay. These products are good for paper crafts they work fine on my bottle caps even in the sun. But on polymer clay, it never quite drys and can attract dirt and lint.
3.) When it comes to glazing your polymer clay crafts stick to Sculpey glaze. It is made for polymer clays. It is smooth, does not stick, drys fully in 5-10 mintutes. Do not use any substitute.
4.) Wash your hands thoroughly and work on a clean surface. Clay it very sensitive and can attract all kinds of dirt and lint. Some clays are more sensitive than others. White is a real pain so be extra careful with it. you might have better luck using a beige or tan colored clay then painting it white after you're done.
5.) Use paint brushes separate from your regular paint sets. The clay, glazes, and paints can change the texture of the brush and may not paint the same.
6.Use a paint brush to smooth over the sculpey glaze on the  clay to make it more even.

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