Friday, October 26, 2012

Etsy.Storenvy, tags, keywords, and SEO

I've seen, read, and watched many articles, books, and youtube videos, and webinars on this topic and very similar, but it's been pretty general and not to specific for me. So I decided to type one up and see if it can help anyone out. And to get feedback from it. So let me know what you think and I will type and research more. 

Color Tags
Green – Emerald, Celtic, Jade, olive, sour apple, sea, sage, moss, lime, grass, leafy, Hazel
Pink- Bubble gum, Barbie, baby girl, flush, blush, salmon, rose
Purple- Amethyst, lavender, lilac, plum, orchard, grape, pomegranate, violet, wine, royal
Red- Crimson, Cherry, ruby, blood, flaming, fuchsia, rose, maroon, burgundy, rust, scarlet, russet
White- pale, cream, bleached, chalky, ivory, frosted, milky, snow, snowy
Black- noir, Charcoal, shadow, soot, midnight
Blue- Teal, turquoise, ocean, sea, sky, sapphire, navy, ultramarine
Orange- Carrot, apricot, peach, tangerine, cantaloupe
Yellow- Sun, bee, bumble bee, butter, blond, mustard, lemon, sunshine, gold
Gold-rich, yellow, brown
Brown- Beige, brick, amber, sienna, chocolate, chestnut, khaki, henna, nut, russet, tan, tawny, rust, sepia, copper, cinnamon, ginger, toast, umber, auburn, foxy, brunette, burnt
Grey-Ash, smoke, charcoal, stone

Light- Faint, translucent, transparent, ethereal, soft, gentle, minor, airy, illuminate
Bright- Ablaze, fire, brilliant, dazzling, sparkling, glistening, sparkling, beaming, luminous, radiant, vivid
Dark- Dim, obscure, opaque, gloomy

Holiday- Anniversary, celebration, festival, vacation, merry
Halloween- Black cat, witch, All hallows eve, sanheim
Valentine’s Day-Cupid, hearts,
Christmas-Yule, Jolly, Merry, Santa, religion,
Thanksgiving- Pilgrims, Gratitude,
Day of the Dead-Katerina, sugar skulls, ofrenda, pepel picado, pan de muertos, Mexican, skulls, skeletons
Easter-bunny, eggs, color dye, basket, dress, church, religion

Fall-  Autumn, Harvest
Summer-  Tropical, sun, fun, solstice
Winter-  Jack Frost,
Spring- Bloom, grow, new, life,

Alternative scenes/subcultures
Gothic- Cyber, dark Victorian, bubble goth, color goth, perky goth, Nu-Goth, Dark, spooky, Trad goth, fetish goth, hippie goth, goth Lolita, j-goth, rivethead, deathrocker, baby bat, corp goth, gothabilly, rockabilly, caberet goth, pin up goth, fearie goth, tribal goth, medieval goth, steampunk goth, vampire goth,etc
Punk- Post punk, misfit, rocker, bands, celtic punk, cowpunk, gypsy punk
Emo- Emotionally depressed, emotionally sensitive, high school phase,
Scene- 80’s inspired
Fetish- Erotica, latex
Visual Kei- Asian,  j-rock
Metal- Music, heavy rock
Rocker-  Music, edgy, dark,
Steampunk- Victorian, clockwork, golden, bronze, time,
Hippie-  counter culture,
Cyber- electronic music, industrial, cyber locks, cyber dance, colorful, computer, punk, nu-goth,

Alternative-Art, clothes, odd, bands, music, misunderstood, tattoos, history, writing, crafts, different, unique, style, people, scene, makeup, hairstyles, hair dyes, rebellion, angst, self expression, freedom, colorful, dance, 

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