Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review- selling on Etsy for Dummies

I found the book to be very helpful and educational. I wouldn't be able to start my shop and get it to the point it's at now without it.

The Chapters that I found to be the most helpful were on item descriptions, titles, tags, how to make a banner, marketing, and all of the middle chapters after setting up the basics. I got the  help I needed with writing my bio,about me page, shop policies, and everything.

I don't have any sales in my shop yet so I didn't really go into rest much. I picked up a few things on customer service, Promotions, etc.

What I've learned so far from it is that sales and promotions aren't necessarily relevant for just starting. They work much better when you already have customers, it's a technique to keep them coming back.

Being active to gaining as much traffic as possible.
I try to aim for 50-100 in day when in actuality I'm more likely to get between 15-30.

I've noticed that the most successful shops have the most views and favorites and are added to a lot of treasuries.

So I try to add shops and listings as well as treasuries for promotion as well. I'm still struggling with the SEO of my shop to boost more traffic so it'll take a little bit more experimentation.

The more items I add the more traffic I have in my shop. I don't have the finances to add as much items as I'd like to as often as I'd like to let alone that many items in my inventory. But when I do I make sure to add them, write full descriptions, play around with the SEO keywords, and post to teams, and favorite items there as well. I also like to make treasuries similar to the items in my shop so that people search for things similar they can find me.

Also it's like karma. the more items and shops I add to favorites and treasuries, the more people add my items and shop to their favorites and treasuries. And it works as a promotion for all of us.

I like to interact with other sellers by asking questions and being active on team discussions and community forums.

One thing I'd recommend is taking a  break from online every once in a while. It can be very draining and makes me feel burnt out.

I add people who favorite my shop and items to my circle so I can have a better idea of the things they are shopping for, and take note to add similar items to my shop in the future.

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