Thursday, September 13, 2012

VLoggers I follow and watch

Jenna Marbles shes a cute girl  with a good sense of humor that a lot of women can relate to.

My sister recently got me hooked on Awkward Black Girl videos. She's funny and  well kind of awkward to which works for here quirky personality.

My friend from Stevenson University makes vlogs and posted a few on facebook. I checked her out and quite awesome. Her name is Gigi Biabo you can find her channel Here

I recently read a post on Color Me Goth and she does vlogs as well as her written blog as well.

I've also been interested in watching post from other goths everyone has their own little Gothic story to tell. Some very similar to my own and some not so much but always interesting.

I decided not to post videos here because I know that they can be slow to upload on some computers and make it difficult for bloggers to read and enjoy the post.

I had to stop reading a few bloggers post because they have wayyy tooo many graphics, gifs, widgets, videos, etc that made it very slow to load especially on my cell phone which I use a lot for reading blogs on the go when I don't have a good book to read or just in the mood to check out some blogs.

I hope you enjoy!

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