Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music finds:Hair and makeup Playlist

I don't know about most people but i like to have music play while I'm getting ready. So I created a hair and makeuo playlist about a year ago. Putting my playlist on random doesn't quite do the trick so making a playlist to match my mood while getting ready has made putting on my makeup that much more fun.


1.) My Alcoholic Friends- The Dresden Dolls
2.) Sing- The Dresden Dolls
3.)Half Jack- The Dresden Dolls


4.)Liar- Emillie Autumn
5.) Dead is the New Alive- Emillie Autumn
6.)How Strange- Emillie Autumn
7.) Opheliac- Emillie Autumn
8.)Heard it all- Emillie Autumn
9.)Best Safety Lies in Fear- Emillie Autumn
10.) Swallow-Emillie Autumn
11.)Marry Me- Emillie Autumn

12.)Witches-Switchblade Symphony
13.) Wicked- Switchblade Symphony
14.) If I were a Goth- Thou Shalt Not
15.) Hong Kong Garden- Siouxie and the Banshees
16.) Spellbound- Siouxie and the Banshees


17.)Crystal Forest- Nox Arcana
18.) TransMedley- Nox Arcana
19.)Lords of Darkness- Nox Arcana
20.) Theatre of Sorrows- Nox Arcana
21.) Dollhouse- switchbalde Symphony
22.) A-Punk- Vampire Weekend

Scene from Beetlejuice

23.)Jump the Line- Harry Belafonte
24.) The Banana Boat  Song- Harry Belefonte
25.) A Journey To Hogwarts- Nicolas Hooper
26.) The Sirius Deception- Nicolas Hooper


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