Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last day of being 20! Favorite movie post

The Craft


An all time favorite movie to watch I am very interested in paganism and witch craft. Even though I don't practice it I find it intriquing to learn about both fiction and not fiction. I absolutely love Nancy Downs sense of style especially when she goes crazy and her hair goes from sleek to tousled. I wish I could get my hair like that. My new hair cut is inspired by styles like hers in combination with others as well.

Crazy Nancy Downs Hair


The Nightmare Before Christmas

I love all Tim Buton movies. I like this because it's a holiday classic and a must watch every year for Halloween and Christmas. And as some of you may know Halloween is not just a holiday, it's a lifestyle. So it's good any time of the year. I have all of the sounds form the movie on my playlist for Creepmas, Halloween, and spooky movies.

The Corpse Bride

I love Emily and her determination to find a husband in life and after death. It's like "Okay I got ditched at the alter and died. I'm staying to this tree until somebody marry's me and somebody will, because I'll be damned for otherwise." It's so stubborn and badass. A few years ago I painted of portrait of Emily that I absolutely adore. I just love the whole underworld that she brought Victor into. She's a cute Zombie Bride and I absolutely adore her.

Edward Scissorhands


I love Edward Scissorhands he's the only guy named Edward that deserves to be loved(joking twilight humor). I love his style though I think it's kind of gross that her worn absolutely the same thing everyday and I wondered how he managed to shower, change, eat, cook, or do anything to take proper care of himself. But he's the sweetest most misunderstood guy that I think a lot of people can relate to and not just Goths, but anyone that has any experience being a misunderstood outcast or anything.
I love his crazy hair, it reminds me of the 80's backcombing and hair teasing hair styles. It's so messed up but in a good way. Sometimes when my hair is messed up I mess it up even more to form it into a style and do an extra good job on my makeup and really work my wardrobe to create a cohesive look. I'd really love to do a female cosplay of Edward Scissorhands one day.



It was one of the cutest cartoons I've seen. I love cartoons that take you to an alternative universe like Alice and Wonderland filled with all sorts of odities and wonders. It inspires so much fashion,music, and art. I love creepy, cooky, artistically damaged dolls. I am the proud owner of 5 Living Dead Dolls. I love to creepy buttons for eyes, and the courtyard reminded me a lot of Scary Godmother.

Scary Godmother Halloween Spectacular


I first dicovered Scary Godmother a few years ago when I was babysitting my neice and nephew and they left but the tv was still on, though I wasn't paying much attention to it. Then it caught my attention when heard the music. I sat down and watched to first and second movie absolutely hooked. I want the key to Scary Godmothers house, her interior design, friends, and her whole world. I can't wait until I have my own apartment or house. I'm definately gonna decorate it with a Scary God mother theme along with all of my other favorite movies. I went to target yesterday I saw the halloween home decor section and I just thought about my future house and how one day I will be getting all of those things to incorporate into my home.

Monster House


I dicovered this movie last year when it came on for Halloween. I wanted to know the story behind the house and how it got that way and I wasn't disappointed. I loved it.

Hocus Pocus


I loved this movie since I was a kid. I love the costume design of the Witches , they're house, the spell book with the eye on it and everything.



It's a Disney Channel movie that used to come on when I was a kid I loved watching it every year along with all of its sequeals.

Under The Bed


Another Disney Channel Movie Favorite about a girl with an imaginary friend and then growing older and had something spooky under her bed and another imaginery friend and lots of adventures.

Easy A


It came out one my birthday when I turned 19 and me and my sister went to go see it. Again I love the Costume design of Emma Stone in this movie and I just love her as an actress. I love her in the move The Help as well.

The Addams Family Values

I love Wednsday Addams she's so smart and witty and could careless about being different. I love how close and alike her and her whole family are. I also love Christina Ricci as an Actress. The thanksgiving scene is an all time holiday favorite.


Casper the Friendly ghost again another misunderstood character that I abosuletly adore and againg another movie with Christina Ricci. Yay I can't wait until 30 days of Halloween comes on tv so and can see all of my favorites.



Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice I love this movie I love both families and the're quirky sense of humor and of course lydia's fashion. She's so whatever and doesn't care about the ghost. Note to Self: watch some good horror movies and ghost stories before I die just incase I have to haunt my own house one day knowing that the new people can't see or hear me yet I can still move and touch things. Yay lol. Adam and Barbara's attempt at scary away the new family is nothing short of hilarious.



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