Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Review:The Secret and The Magic

I read these books around the same time. They are both by Rhonda Bryne adn I absoutely love them. The Secret is more about the Law of Attraction and how the universe works according to the frequency of your thoughts. Basically, if you can think it you can bring it. It's filled with positive quotes, stories, inspiration and motivation that doesn't seem likt a waste of time. It's genuinly helped and I'm dying to watch The Secret movie, I've heard good thingsabotu it and the book has me convinced that it is very helpful and inspiring. I highly recommend this book if you are depressed, stressed out, and left wondering, " Is there something to life that I'm just not getting?" I think it'll help you find the answers that you've always been looking for.

The Magic is a 28 day challenge focusing on the Law of Gratitude and each day is filled with different methods of how to incorporate practicing gratitude every day. By the end of the book you'll have these things wired into your system without thinking about it. It just becomes so automatic and the happiness and positive vibes you'll feel is never ending, emotional and overall good for the soul. what I like most about these books is that to convert to anything that you may or may not be comfortable with to experience The Magic or to absorbing the wisdom of The Secret. There are gods to be worshipped or previous knowledge of the Bible, Koran, Philosophies, other religious text or anything needed.

The power is all in You and  depends on how you act, react, and think of various things and events. Which works perfectly for people who are religious, philosophical, pagan, atheist, or whatever. You can apply the messages into whatever it is that you already believe in as well as use it to expand on the knowledge that you've gained from your own beliefs. It does
not insult or put down others beliefs or ways of life, its not


manipulative in any way. It's just really open, wise, and a mind changing, life changing experience to have and enjoy. I ready love it. It helped me to clarify some things I've had on my mind over some time and encouraged me to pursue other things with more confidence. I am so happy and grateful to have this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Bryne for sharing these experiences with the world!

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