Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alternative Modeling:Magazines I want to be published in

Gothic Beauty Magazine
This the first Goth/alternative magazine I'd ever read I found it at Hot Topic when I went to boarding school in wisconsin. I still love it and read it when I find it at Barnes and Nobles.


Gorgeous Freaks Magazine
I found Gorgeous freaks models on facebook through The Alternative Modeling Directory and submitted pictures to an album there. I was more than excited when Naty and Yaz decided to make a magazine featuring alt models, musicians, and fashion.

Gorgeous Freaks Magazine Female Cover Issue 5


Auxirliary Magazine


Gothic Noir


Dark Parlour
I had the pleasure of being published issue 1 and I'd like to re-submit and be published in more issues


Alt Fashion

Sorry for the small picture this is the actual size

And so much more
These are the magazines that I've read so far when I find some more I'll be sure to check them out and see about submitting to them.


I'd like to do more alternative shoots but they are not in budget right now. I love the shoots I do in fashion and art, but Alternative fashion will always be my favorite. It's what inspired me to start modeling in the first place. If any photographers, MUAH's, artist, or designers in the Chicago area would like to work with me and discuss shoots with similar themes please email me at for rates and booking information. Rates are affordable just ask and if you have a good concept and good work I don't mind shooting tf as long as it's within budget as far as transportation, props, outfits, etc goes.

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