Saturday, July 7, 2012

My favorite Models/Alternative models

Adora Batbrat
I read an interview with her in Mooky Chick and I went to her blog,Youtube channel, and facebook. I love her makeup tutorials, post,style,hair, and of course makeup. She's a model, one hell of a makeup artist, designer, and lead singer of a band called Asperger Synthdrome.She is a huge inspiration for me. I wish I had the energy and patience to wear makeup everyday and practice like crazy to get cool looks like her that fit my taste and match my outfit.

 Source Moooky
Wedneday Mourning
I see her in almost every Gothic Beauty Magazine I pick up. She's always featured in at least two or three advertisements. I think its cool how she came from a small town and ended up on the cover of My Chemical Romance album and everything. I love her personal website too, it's so alluring.

I saw her in a few Gothic Beauty magazines too. I love her outfits and the her facial expressions totally sell anythings shes wearing ,as if the designer,photographer, Makeup artist,etc aren't pretty awesome enough.
Google Images
Elle Love Zombie
I've talked to her online a few times and she's a really nice person. She was very helpful to me when I first started Modeling a few months ago. I still keep in touch with her from time to time. She has a lot of gory,horror, bloody, zombie pictures. I would love to do some shoots like that sometime and I love her style. I think she's truly Beautiful inside and out.

Credits go to photobucket photo by Azka
She's a high fashion, Alternative model, and performer all in one. I also discovered her through Gothic Beauty Magazine (which happens to be my favorite magazine). I checked out her website and it's pretty eye catching too. I really like the picture of her with Kathleen Marie's Wig and red dress on. I adore the skulls inside of the roses in her hair.
  Source: Deviant Art
Amanda Tea
She's can go from edgy to fun, from cutesy to victorian in a blink of an eye. And she's another Ethnic Alternative model too. But I really like her style and she's pretty too.
 Source: Myspace
Dead Dolly
I found her on Youtube, she made a video about entering a contest and needing votes. I checked her out some more too. I saw her on The Alternative Modeling Directory and I think she's on Goth Girls too.

Source: Flickr
Lisa Jablonski
She's a cosmotagist and and rocker, most importantly she's from Chicago and so am I. I like she her photos can go from edgy Rocker girl to soft Fearie. I like her hair colors and they match well with her makeup and outfits. I also found her on Mooky Chick and I think she's awesome and inspiring. She's been modeling for almost two years now I think, but she's had so much success within her First year. When I was in Chicago, I thought that it was not  a good location for artist, designers, models, especially alternative one's, and everything was easier on the east coast,west coast, Europe, or some place else. Now that I haven't lived there in a year, I see so some much happening with the art,modeling,fashion, Alternative, etc communities. Lisa is a huge inspiration for others who feel this way about their town.

Photo by Random Eye Candy Photography
Kelley Nymph
I've had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with her at Grafetti Warehouse in Baltimore. She is one talented model, I look forward to working with her again one day.She's playful and funny I enjoyed working with her, Her style doesn't really fit close to one label. I've seen her cosplay, in cemataries, cyberlox, rainbows, corsets, long flowing skirts, etc. I always love the way she puts together her outfits and makeup. I definately envy her eylashes.
 Source: Model Mayhem photo by Random Eye Candy Photograper
Orla Rose
I love her look, she's always decked to the nines in victorian,steampunk, fearie like clothing and she wears them well. Her look alone has a nice retro feel about her. I've also had the pleasure of meeting her at Grafetti Warehouse too. She's a really talented model and a kind hearted person too, She comes off as very warm and friendly.

Heather Nicole
She's always changing it up with her hair and outfits, You never know what to expect with her,but you can always bet that it'll be something good. I also think she's a nice person too.

 Source: Gargoyle magazine Photographer Random Eye Candy Photograohy
Roxana Hire
I love how she comes off as sultry and firey with her cool purple hair cut and I see pictures of her in different styles and she totally pulls them off excellently.

Imrial The Model
Yes, he's a snake, but he's one cool and layed back snake, he's about 3ft long little Python. He's done so many shoots with so many models with many concepts. He's an awesome addition to any photoshoot rather your doing a gypsy theme,gothy theme, cosplay, or something else Imrial is totally awesome.

 Source no photographer listed sorry
Bunny Switchblade
She's a heavely tattooed beauty, and I'm absoulutely intrigued by her Body Art. All of her tattooes are vibrant and colorful and I bet they all tell a wonderful story.

Jenny Dang
She's a cute little asian girl that graduated from the school I used to go to.I know her through mutual friends and I think she's awesome. I like how she turns nerdy things into something cool and sexy yet not so risque. She's a sweetheart too.

I'll be adding more to this list soon

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