Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy Goth look

I haven't straightened my hair in a little over a month.I couldn't find both of my hair pieces and they don't match anyways.One has ref,black, red and black skull,and black spider laces in it.The other one is small and black.
So instead I tied my hair into two buns and clipped in my black rose hair clips.
Not much eye shadow,just a black eye Kohl and mascara on the eyes and a little bit of powder on my face.
No blush or liquid foundation.I colored my lips in there usual vampy color using red and purple lip liner topped with red and black lip gloss( yes black lip gloss does exist I use it more than I do my black lip stick.)
I know it's cliche but today's a day that I just wanted to wear all black in light fabrics and stay cool.
Still adjusting to Chicago heat it's far more humid here than it is in the DMV area that I'm used to.

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