Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogs I read often

     I found this blog while googling goth models and I cam across Amy's post titled, "The confessions of a Goth Model". I enjoyed reading it, I kept scrolling down to read her other post. I also checked out the post at the bottom "You might also like" and I just kept reading. I wanted to comment to show my support, but I couldn't because I didn't have a blogge account yet. So I signed up for one, then I bookmarked her blog on my phone and started checking it nearly everyday. Then I was hooked. I scrolled down and saw all of the blogs she followed and checked them out and was intrigued when she tagged other bloggers in her post.

     Her name is Amy too ironically, I think that's cute. Amy from The Ultimate Goth Guide posted about a 30 Day Goth Challenge. I decided I wanted to participate in it on my facebook page. I think I got to to day 10 and quite because I got destracted and didn't keep up with it well. But after reading a few of her other blog post, I find her funny, smart, and creative. I love her post. I was resently going to school to major in fashion design, but life happens and I don't that's the best option for me know. I've deciced to create my own jewelry business, read and research like crazy to make it work, and I changed my major to business adminstrative so that I could learn how to run a business effectivly. I'm also minoring in art so that I can increase my art skills and learn about new designs and projects that I can slowy impliment into my business. Anyways, she's majoring in textiles and likes to knite, sew, be crafty and just overall make stuff. Which is how I am too. So even though I've never met her in person. I can tell from her blog that we have a lot in common and I learn a lot from her  post about fashion, Alternative fashion, and just fun things.
      I like Jillian Venters style of Victorian ragala with a Gothy twist added to it. I wish I could afford to dress in such nice corsets,hats, and petticoats daily. She also offers good advice on her blog, but a lot of questions about the Goth scene can be answered in her book Gothic Charm School along with her Youtube Videos and blog post. She's a postive role model to look up to rather you're goth or not. She also has post catered to Goths, those that love them, parents of goths, goth parents, how to deal with bullies, how to deal with parents, etc. She has a way of giving helpful advice in a way to avoid as much confrontation as possible and simply educate people about what Goth is all about and what it means to you.
Educated Goths with real jobs like her goes to prove that it's not just an angsty teen phase, we do have the common since to tone it down for the work force depending on our careers, and We are capable of leading productive lives. I like her post  and Monthly assigned that I see other Blogger participating in. It really encourages blogs to come together as a community, have fun, learn from each other, and break free of stereotypes.
        I like this blog becuase I am a huge fan of DIY and the Goth,Punk, Alternative style. I also love making stuff. I'm one of those people who look at the crappy clothes on the rack and think, "This is crap, I can make something better than this." There are also times when I pissed at the crappy made clothes and how they almost never seem to fit my body like I want them too or my style. And I do occasionally take a few trips to the fabric store, buy supplies, sketch a pattern or alter one and make things myself. That way I know they not only fit my body the way I want them to, but my style as well. The best thing about it is, that I know for a fact that I am the only one in the world that owns it either.
        I learned how to make paper roses from old magazines, using a tutorial on GIY: Goth It Yourself. I just made individual roses for fun and gave a few to my neice and sister. There's also a huge red rose poster in my room. So it definately matches the decor. Looking at my self made wardrobe, accessaries, art, and other projects, I'd definately say I'm a GIYer.

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