Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogger problems

B't let me add any pictures either by copy and paste or uploading.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I won't be posting much for a while my right wrist is hurt and yes I am right handed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heat Wave

I'm not used to Chicago humidity and yesterday was 110 degrees.I stayed inside to apply for jobs online, chill and watch TV.I felt sort of light headed at times and drank lots of ice cold water and made sure I ate at least 3 times to get all of my much needed energy back.
Yesterday I got called in for an interview so Yay me I hope I get the job.
It was so hot I could barely sleep.Seriously I think I went to bed at around 4 am or so when It finally cooled down.If I had a sleeping bag I probably would've sleep on the porch in the backyard.It sounds like fun and I've done it before so It doesn't seem like that big of a deal.
Meanwhile modeling I may be joining an agency soon fingers crossed we'll see.
Meanwhile Designing I'm counting down the days until my business card's get here and I'll delete and renew my PayPal soon.I can add new items once a nice camera is available other than my crappy cellphone pictures which I refuse to upload as presentable.
I may be traveling to Michigan for a few shoots in the future so if you are in that area and would like to work with me please send me an email for rates and booking information at

Monday, July 16, 2012

New found shops

Arts and Artisians
Little Miss Matched

As you can see I don't shop very often or very much but these places were fun to window shop. sorry no pictures all of these pages are copyrighted.

New Pictures

(psst... I haven't worn a swim suit in years because I hated the way I looked in them. Most people think I'm ridiculous when I tell them that.)
I look forward to shooting more bikini,edgy,and beach themed shoots.

Goth Confessions!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy Goth look

I haven't straightened my hair in a little over a month.I couldn't find both of my hair pieces and they don't match anyways.One has ref,black, red and black skull,and black spider laces in it.The other one is small and black.
So instead I tied my hair into two buns and clipped in my black rose hair clips.
Not much eye shadow,just a black eye Kohl and mascara on the eyes and a little bit of powder on my face.
No blush or liquid foundation.I colored my lips in there usual vampy color using red and purple lip liner topped with red and black lip gloss( yes black lip gloss does exist I use it more than I do my black lip stick.)
I know it's cliche but today's a day that I just wanted to wear all black in light fabrics and stay cool.
Still adjusting to Chicago heat it's far more humid here than it is in the DMV area that I'm used to.

Monday, July 9, 2012


The Saturday before I left for Chicago I was invited to my friend Darren's 50th birthday celebration at club Midnight. This was the first time I'd actually been to a Goth night club due to unemployment (Ah Hem brokeness) and lack of a car. Luckily Darren was able to give me a ride and I had fun. I met a few people there including a few facebook friends in person.

Midnight is a  resturant in DC that Doubles as a night club once a month open for Goths, Punks,Ravers, nerds, anyone that wants to have fun. Most of the music that played was more cyber, industrial, 80's rock,etc. The picture above is a candid picture Daren took of me while I was talking to someone.

At the end of the night there was a Bellydance performnace by a very talented dancer that I can't remember the name of right now sorry but she was awesome. She danced with a sword balancing it on her head as well as her hip bone and dancing with a beautiful colorful scarf. I can't wait to start taking Bellydance classes, but first things first job hunting and saving up for school and a car along with other things. I'm still very busy with designing jewelry and other business related things.

When the party ended around 3 am Darren treated me and Breana to crapes at a place down the street, Again I forgot the name of the place sorry. Send me an Email if you'd like me to ask a friend and get that for you.

Wine Fairy

By Silverlight Esoterica Photography

About a week and a half ago I had a photoshoot with James Glendinning playing around with different themes. One of the themes we played around with was "Wine Fairy". I got my wings from DC pride parade when I was promoting for Union Hardware. I wore this outfit to Grafetti Warehouse a few months ago without the black dress shirt under it. I didn't feel the need to layer it because of the hot weather. The Idea behind this was to make me look smaller. I'm naturally 5'9 and I was wearing 4 in boots that are covered in blue duct tape and goth/punk Magazene clippings.
I made the tie tutu months ago when I was running out of cloths to wear to shoots and needed something fun to wear to the meet and greet. Which turned out to be one of the most fun meet and greets I've been to at Graffeti Wearhouse. I met so many people and made a few friends while I was there too. I think James may add something to the background sometime but I'm not sure. I'll post it here or on my fan page if so.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

1960's shoot saturday

This past saturday I got invited to an awesome meet and greet with a 1960's 60's theme and got the opportunity to work with many talented and artisitic people.
Though it was last minute and I literally found out about it the day before from a photographer that I had a shoot with on friday. I'm very pleased with the outcome. I'm still getting tagged in all of these wonderful pictures on my facebook page and my newsfeed are cluttered. So lovely definately some of the best pictures in my portfolio to date. I'm very happy I could make this shoot.

Chicago Model Plans

Alright So I've arrived in Chicago, I'll be posing for art classes, booking promo gigs, and booking shoots this month and next. Today I ahd the pleasure of modeling a Savegely Sexy Shoe collection on the beach. I'll post pictures some once I have them. I'm still getting edits from the previous Patpsco state park shoot. Which I will be adding to my fan page, Model insider, and some here share with you guys.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogs I read often

     I found this blog while googling goth models and I cam across Amy's post titled, "The confessions of a Goth Model". I enjoyed reading it, I kept scrolling down to read her other post. I also checked out the post at the bottom "You might also like" and I just kept reading. I wanted to comment to show my support, but I couldn't because I didn't have a blogge account yet. So I signed up for one, then I bookmarked her blog on my phone and started checking it nearly everyday. Then I was hooked. I scrolled down and saw all of the blogs she followed and checked them out and was intrigued when she tagged other bloggers in her post.

     Her name is Amy too ironically, I think that's cute. Amy from The Ultimate Goth Guide posted about a 30 Day Goth Challenge. I decided I wanted to participate in it on my facebook page. I think I got to to day 10 and quite because I got destracted and didn't keep up with it well. But after reading a few of her other blog post, I find her funny, smart, and creative. I love her post. I was resently going to school to major in fashion design, but life happens and I don't that's the best option for me know. I've deciced to create my own jewelry business, read and research like crazy to make it work, and I changed my major to business adminstrative so that I could learn how to run a business effectivly. I'm also minoring in art so that I can increase my art skills and learn about new designs and projects that I can slowy impliment into my business. Anyways, she's majoring in textiles and likes to knite, sew, be crafty and just overall make stuff. Which is how I am too. So even though I've never met her in person. I can tell from her blog that we have a lot in common and I learn a lot from her  post about fashion, Alternative fashion, and just fun things.
      I like Jillian Venters style of Victorian ragala with a Gothy twist added to it. I wish I could afford to dress in such nice corsets,hats, and petticoats daily. She also offers good advice on her blog, but a lot of questions about the Goth scene can be answered in her book Gothic Charm School along with her Youtube Videos and blog post. She's a postive role model to look up to rather you're goth or not. She also has post catered to Goths, those that love them, parents of goths, goth parents, how to deal with bullies, how to deal with parents, etc. She has a way of giving helpful advice in a way to avoid as much confrontation as possible and simply educate people about what Goth is all about and what it means to you.
Educated Goths with real jobs like her goes to prove that it's not just an angsty teen phase, we do have the common since to tone it down for the work force depending on our careers, and We are capable of leading productive lives. I like her post  and Monthly assigned that I see other Blogger participating in. It really encourages blogs to come together as a community, have fun, learn from each other, and break free of stereotypes.
        I like this blog becuase I am a huge fan of DIY and the Goth,Punk, Alternative style. I also love making stuff. I'm one of those people who look at the crappy clothes on the rack and think, "This is crap, I can make something better than this." There are also times when I pissed at the crappy made clothes and how they almost never seem to fit my body like I want them too or my style. And I do occasionally take a few trips to the fabric store, buy supplies, sketch a pattern or alter one and make things myself. That way I know they not only fit my body the way I want them to, but my style as well. The best thing about it is, that I know for a fact that I am the only one in the world that owns it either.
        I learned how to make paper roses from old magazines, using a tutorial on GIY: Goth It Yourself. I just made individual roses for fun and gave a few to my neice and sister. There's also a huge red rose poster in my room. So it definately matches the decor. Looking at my self made wardrobe, accessaries, art, and other projects, I'd definately say I'm a GIYer.

My favorite Models/Alternative models

Adora Batbrat
I read an interview with her in Mooky Chick and I went to her blog,Youtube channel, and facebook. I love her makeup tutorials, post,style,hair, and of course makeup. She's a model, one hell of a makeup artist, designer, and lead singer of a band called Asperger Synthdrome.She is a huge inspiration for me. I wish I had the energy and patience to wear makeup everyday and practice like crazy to get cool looks like her that fit my taste and match my outfit.

 Source Moooky
Wedneday Mourning
I see her in almost every Gothic Beauty Magazine I pick up. She's always featured in at least two or three advertisements. I think its cool how she came from a small town and ended up on the cover of My Chemical Romance album and everything. I love her personal website too, it's so alluring.

I saw her in a few Gothic Beauty magazines too. I love her outfits and the her facial expressions totally sell anythings shes wearing ,as if the designer,photographer, Makeup artist,etc aren't pretty awesome enough.
Google Images
Elle Love Zombie
I've talked to her online a few times and she's a really nice person. She was very helpful to me when I first started Modeling a few months ago. I still keep in touch with her from time to time. She has a lot of gory,horror, bloody, zombie pictures. I would love to do some shoots like that sometime and I love her style. I think she's truly Beautiful inside and out.

Credits go to photobucket photo by Azka
She's a high fashion, Alternative model, and performer all in one. I also discovered her through Gothic Beauty Magazine (which happens to be my favorite magazine). I checked out her website and it's pretty eye catching too. I really like the picture of her with Kathleen Marie's Wig and red dress on. I adore the skulls inside of the roses in her hair.
  Source: Deviant Art
Amanda Tea
She's can go from edgy to fun, from cutesy to victorian in a blink of an eye. And she's another Ethnic Alternative model too. But I really like her style and she's pretty too.
 Source: Myspace
Dead Dolly
I found her on Youtube, she made a video about entering a contest and needing votes. I checked her out some more too. I saw her on The Alternative Modeling Directory and I think she's on Goth Girls too.

Source: Flickr
Lisa Jablonski
She's a cosmotagist and and rocker, most importantly she's from Chicago and so am I. I like she her photos can go from edgy Rocker girl to soft Fearie. I like her hair colors and they match well with her makeup and outfits. I also found her on Mooky Chick and I think she's awesome and inspiring. She's been modeling for almost two years now I think, but she's had so much success within her First year. When I was in Chicago, I thought that it was not  a good location for artist, designers, models, especially alternative one's, and everything was easier on the east coast,west coast, Europe, or some place else. Now that I haven't lived there in a year, I see so some much happening with the art,modeling,fashion, Alternative, etc communities. Lisa is a huge inspiration for others who feel this way about their town.

Photo by Random Eye Candy Photography
Kelley Nymph
I've had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with her at Grafetti Warehouse in Baltimore. She is one talented model, I look forward to working with her again one day.She's playful and funny I enjoyed working with her, Her style doesn't really fit close to one label. I've seen her cosplay, in cemataries, cyberlox, rainbows, corsets, long flowing skirts, etc. I always love the way she puts together her outfits and makeup. I definately envy her eylashes.
 Source: Model Mayhem photo by Random Eye Candy Photograper
Orla Rose
I love her look, she's always decked to the nines in victorian,steampunk, fearie like clothing and she wears them well. Her look alone has a nice retro feel about her. I've also had the pleasure of meeting her at Grafetti Warehouse too. She's a really talented model and a kind hearted person too, She comes off as very warm and friendly.

Heather Nicole
She's always changing it up with her hair and outfits, You never know what to expect with her,but you can always bet that it'll be something good. I also think she's a nice person too.

 Source: Gargoyle magazine Photographer Random Eye Candy Photograohy
Roxana Hire
I love how she comes off as sultry and firey with her cool purple hair cut and I see pictures of her in different styles and she totally pulls them off excellently.

Imrial The Model
Yes, he's a snake, but he's one cool and layed back snake, he's about 3ft long little Python. He's done so many shoots with so many models with many concepts. He's an awesome addition to any photoshoot rather your doing a gypsy theme,gothy theme, cosplay, or something else Imrial is totally awesome.

 Source no photographer listed sorry
Bunny Switchblade
She's a heavely tattooed beauty, and I'm absoulutely intrigued by her Body Art. All of her tattooes are vibrant and colorful and I bet they all tell a wonderful story.

Jenny Dang
She's a cute little asian girl that graduated from the school I used to go to.I know her through mutual friends and I think she's awesome. I like how she turns nerdy things into something cool and sexy yet not so risque. She's a sweetheart too.

I'll be adding more to this list soon