Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time Wasters in the Job Market

My frustrations with being unemployed

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that Employers should try to save both my time and theirs.

DO  NOT tell me that you are Hiring when you are not.

DO NOT tell me to apply online if you do not even have a website.

DO NOT ask me to come in for an interview if you have already hired everyone that you're going to hire.

DO NOT tell me to come in an apply if the managers isn't even in that day or time.

DO NOT tell me that the manager is in when they aren't

DO NOT post signs in your window or online saying now hiring without giving a brief description of what you are looking for in an employee. If you just have a sign that says something like, "Now Hiring, Apply Within" but you are looking for experienced applicants, available certain times, days, occasions etc.

DO NOT ask me to come in for an interview at a certain time knowing that your store or place of business doesn't open until hours later especially if you do not have a phone number listed.

DO NOT discriminate against applicants without cars especially if you are right next to metro and the position you are looking for does not require traveling throughout the day.

DO NOT discriminate against college students because you don't want to work around there schedule, especially if you're offering part-time work with a flexible schedule that does not cut into their class or study time.

DO NOT discriminate against applicants without experience especially if the job you're looking to fill is very simple i.e. Sandwich maker, Dishwasher, sweeper, etc. Otherwise jobs that are just plain common sense and something that most people already do in their daily lives that doesn't professional experience to handle.

DO NOT make things up if you do not know the answer to the question or you cannot help me. It's okay to admit that you do not know and maybe refer me to someone who does.

PLEASE DO NOT tell me that you are the manager when you are not.

DO post detailed qualifications that you are looking for in potential employees. I.E. list whether or not experience is required, if so what kind and how much experience is ideal for you. List how soon you want them to be available to start. Are you looking for someone to start immediately, or are you interviewing for summer, spring, winter, fall, or sometime in the future in case one of your employees resign or you may have to let someone go soon? Are you looking for full-time or part-time employees? What hours are you looking to fill? Do you have different shifts throughout the day or do you expect everyone that applies to be available all day, night, and everyday of the week?

DO properly explain to applicants how they can apply, what day and time would be good to turn their application in to a manager or give them the number or email of the manager in charge of hiring for them to contact.

DO make sure you give applicants current  and correct information to the best of your knowledge. This will make you seem much more professional and make the place of business much more welcoming as a nice place to potentially work, as opposed to coming off as rude and unprofessional.

DO refer applicants to other employees or managers to help them if you are unsure of something.

DO offer job training instead of expecting everyone to have years upon years of experience before applying. Especially if most of your current staff are high school or college age and have had little to no experience in the job market or in the position you are looking to fill. I.E. grocery stores, retail stores, fast food restaurants, restaurants in general, sales associates, cashiers, fitting room, waitress/waiter, host/hostess, busser, movie theaters', etc.

Whatever happened to job training and getting a job just by being interested and available?

Ideally I'd prefer if employers were honest, direct , and to the point about what they are looking for in an employee before applying for a job. And to have employers be honest with me and be honest with themselves. If you've already looked as my application or resume and decided that you do not want to hire me. DO NOT waste my time and money on metro, by calling in to ask if I'm available for an interview if you've already have it set in your head that you are no going to hire.

Time Wasters in the Job Field manly being employers are the sole reason why am officially broke and no longer have funds to go to interviews for potential none time wasters who may actually hire me. Along with other personal goals. Thank You Time Wasters.

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