Wednesday, May 9, 2012

These are for kids? Seriously

                    A Short blog post on things that are for children that if you think about it really shouldn't be.

       Baby oil contains mineral oil which is not made of vegetables and grains like it may sound to some it's actually made from distilled gasoline, so is petroleum jelly and other similar products. Read more about it (here,Here, and Here). You can find more sources on the use of mineral oil, dangerous chemicals etc. all over the web and your local library.

       Rulers with blades along the edge. I never could figure out why rulers meant for elementary school children have sharp blades along the edges of them. Yes they do help draw lines straighter, but they shouldn't be meant for children under age 8 to handle. (Sorry I couldn't find any pictures on the web But I had one as a kid.)

       About 2 year's ago my sister bought a sesame street sing along CD. One of the songs the play on this CD was She Will Be Coming Around The Mountain. I kid you not the lyrics were "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes,  ye haw!.... We'll kill the little red rooster when she comes! Sob Sob." Needless to say that CD got errr... "lost".

       Kiddy Perms are just as strong and toxic as adult perms and the chemical damage last for years. As shown in the movie titled Good Hair it shows that one of the main ingredients is strong enough to burn through and aluminum can. Besides I wouldn't recommend using perms at all let along on little girls especially as young as 3 years old.

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