Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So You Had A Bad Day?

       Here's a few things you should check out to cheer you up.

Textsfrombennett is a tumblr blog I found on Kelley Nymph's facebook page. It contains harsh language, the "N" word, lots of cussing and vulgarity. But if it's quite funny how ignorant the blogger's cousin Bennett truly is. It kind of makes me shake my head a bit at some of the post, still nothing short of amusing.

 F My Life (FML) is a website that became popular my during my last year of high school. It was funny at first, but a lot of the post can be a little TMI and negative.

My Life Is Average (MLIA for short) is a website similar to FML where people go to post all sorts of random moments daily about events happening in their current life. It's a lot cleaner than FML, and more positive too.

Wendy's are you serious?.... Random post I found on facebook nothing short of hilarious.
Well if you are having a bad day, I hope these cheer you up some how. If not I send good thoughts to you and wish you the best.

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