Friday, May 4, 2012

My Doll's

       As some of you who know me personally already know, I am the proud owner of 5 Living Dead Dolls. 2 are full sized and the other 3 are mini's.
 Squek with her pig mask on and shadow hanging from my boots

 I love them they are cute and just a hint of creepy for the faint at heart. They come with death certificates (well the full sized one's do) and the Mini's come with a noose with a clip attathed to them. I use thos clips to attath these beautiful creatures to my color cordinating outfits. I absolutely adore them. If you check out they're website and read they're desriptions you'll find witty poetry and short stories sure to make you giggle maybe just a little bit.
 I love this picture of me and Ghost in my old room about a year or so ago.

        I'm a little different than most collectors I guess. I don't beleive in leaving them unopened, sitting on a shelf, and collecting dust for display only. I beleive in functual art that's meant to enjoy, share, and carry with you. So that's sort of how I started wearing them with my outfits. Attath them to belt buckles, braclets, arm warmers, holes I cut out of my shirts, the holes in ripped tights, sometimes even pinning them down with safety pins so they don't move around so much and always facing people. As you can imagine this gained me many odd stares and murmurs in High School.
 Me and Violet and my homemade reconstructed label Dress. It's loopsided and blury but so expressive. Violet says Hi. (p.s. Yes I litteraly went around the house and duck taped and sewed on random labels and bags. Yes that is a Doritos bag.) This was my last year of high school
 I resorted to using them as a bit of a defense mechanism. When people stared and murmured, I'd smile, wave and sit one of my dolls on the table, say Hi, and make my dolls wave back at them. Even going so far as giving them there own voice and personalities,  "Ghost and Shadow Says HI!" Some said hi back and some got creeped out and left me alone. Either way I won hehe. I became known as the "weird black Goth chick with the creepy dolls," I had a few friends my last year of high considered in it was my third school and my third and last year.
  Me and Shadow I amde her wave at you
        My dolls sometimes make an appearance in my photo shoots, only because I adore them so much and one day I'll make matching outfits to them with a twist and go all out with the accessories, makeup, hair, clothing, etc and just have fun. Until then I bid thee a farewell, Until next time.
 Another picture of Me and Nohell one of those random days where I get bored and take pictures of myself.
 Another loopsided photo of me and violet. I made a duck tape and goth magazien skirt with shoes to match and I cut up an over sized shirt to look like spider webs. This was taken my last year of high school.

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