Monday, May 14, 2012


Sorry I haven't gotten back to some of you. My email doesn't send things on time and I haven't been well lately. I've been busy job hunting and working on my art to get through this. So far it's the only thing that keeps me sane. So if you need to get in touch with me send me and email

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

These are for kids? Seriously

                    A Short blog post on things that are for children that if you think about it really shouldn't be.

       Baby oil contains mineral oil which is not made of vegetables and grains like it may sound to some it's actually made from distilled gasoline, so is petroleum jelly and other similar products. Read more about it (here,Here, and Here). You can find more sources on the use of mineral oil, dangerous chemicals etc. all over the web and your local library.

       Rulers with blades along the edge. I never could figure out why rulers meant for elementary school children have sharp blades along the edges of them. Yes they do help draw lines straighter, but they shouldn't be meant for children under age 8 to handle. (Sorry I couldn't find any pictures on the web But I had one as a kid.)

       About 2 year's ago my sister bought a sesame street sing along CD. One of the songs the play on this CD was She Will Be Coming Around The Mountain. I kid you not the lyrics were "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes,  ye haw!.... We'll kill the little red rooster when she comes! Sob Sob." Needless to say that CD got errr... "lost".

       Kiddy Perms are just as strong and toxic as adult perms and the chemical damage last for years. As shown in the movie titled Good Hair it shows that one of the main ingredients is strong enough to burn through and aluminum can. Besides I wouldn't recommend using perms at all let along on little girls especially as young as 3 years old.

So You Had A Bad Day?

       Here's a few things you should check out to cheer you up.

Textsfrombennett is a tumblr blog I found on Kelley Nymph's facebook page. It contains harsh language, the "N" word, lots of cussing and vulgarity. But if it's quite funny how ignorant the blogger's cousin Bennett truly is. It kind of makes me shake my head a bit at some of the post, still nothing short of amusing.

 F My Life (FML) is a website that became popular my during my last year of high school. It was funny at first, but a lot of the post can be a little TMI and negative.

My Life Is Average (MLIA for short) is a website similar to FML where people go to post all sorts of random moments daily about events happening in their current life. It's a lot cleaner than FML, and more positive too.

Wendy's are you serious?.... Random post I found on facebook nothing short of hilarious.
Well if you are having a bad day, I hope these cheer you up some how. If not I send good thoughts to you and wish you the best.

My Current Music Playlist

Emillie Autumn
Swithblade Symphony
One-Eyed Doll
Flogging Molly
Abney Park
White Rabbits
Lacuna Coil
Olivia Ruiz
       These are the station's I play on my Pandora lately along with a few more
Spooky Symphony's (A playlist on Pandora that I found in the halloween section around October. I think they have different playlist year round to suit the nearest holiday.)
       I've had the pleasure of enjoying many talented musicians through Pandora and discovering many new bands. Well they're not all new, but new to me.
       Lately, I've been listening to a lot of female bands that may fall in the rock/goth/alternative category. I discovered a few of these bands through the blogs I follow, facebook post, YouTube, and friends. I'm always expanding on my music and always looking for new ones.

Time Wasters in the Job Market

My frustrations with being unemployed

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that Employers should try to save both my time and theirs.

DO  NOT tell me that you are Hiring when you are not.

DO NOT tell me to apply online if you do not even have a website.

DO NOT ask me to come in for an interview if you have already hired everyone that you're going to hire.

DO NOT tell me to come in an apply if the managers isn't even in that day or time.

DO NOT tell me that the manager is in when they aren't

DO NOT post signs in your window or online saying now hiring without giving a brief description of what you are looking for in an employee. If you just have a sign that says something like, "Now Hiring, Apply Within" but you are looking for experienced applicants, available certain times, days, occasions etc.

DO NOT ask me to come in for an interview at a certain time knowing that your store or place of business doesn't open until hours later especially if you do not have a phone number listed.

DO NOT discriminate against applicants without cars especially if you are right next to metro and the position you are looking for does not require traveling throughout the day.

DO NOT discriminate against college students because you don't want to work around there schedule, especially if you're offering part-time work with a flexible schedule that does not cut into their class or study time.

DO NOT discriminate against applicants without experience especially if the job you're looking to fill is very simple i.e. Sandwich maker, Dishwasher, sweeper, etc. Otherwise jobs that are just plain common sense and something that most people already do in their daily lives that doesn't professional experience to handle.

DO NOT make things up if you do not know the answer to the question or you cannot help me. It's okay to admit that you do not know and maybe refer me to someone who does.

PLEASE DO NOT tell me that you are the manager when you are not.

DO post detailed qualifications that you are looking for in potential employees. I.E. list whether or not experience is required, if so what kind and how much experience is ideal for you. List how soon you want them to be available to start. Are you looking for someone to start immediately, or are you interviewing for summer, spring, winter, fall, or sometime in the future in case one of your employees resign or you may have to let someone go soon? Are you looking for full-time or part-time employees? What hours are you looking to fill? Do you have different shifts throughout the day or do you expect everyone that applies to be available all day, night, and everyday of the week?

DO properly explain to applicants how they can apply, what day and time would be good to turn their application in to a manager or give them the number or email of the manager in charge of hiring for them to contact.

DO make sure you give applicants current  and correct information to the best of your knowledge. This will make you seem much more professional and make the place of business much more welcoming as a nice place to potentially work, as opposed to coming off as rude and unprofessional.

DO refer applicants to other employees or managers to help them if you are unsure of something.

DO offer job training instead of expecting everyone to have years upon years of experience before applying. Especially if most of your current staff are high school or college age and have had little to no experience in the job market or in the position you are looking to fill. I.E. grocery stores, retail stores, fast food restaurants, restaurants in general, sales associates, cashiers, fitting room, waitress/waiter, host/hostess, busser, movie theaters', etc.

Whatever happened to job training and getting a job just by being interested and available?

Ideally I'd prefer if employers were honest, direct , and to the point about what they are looking for in an employee before applying for a job. And to have employers be honest with me and be honest with themselves. If you've already looked as my application or resume and decided that you do not want to hire me. DO NOT waste my time and money on metro, by calling in to ask if I'm available for an interview if you've already have it set in your head that you are no going to hire.

Time Wasters in the Job Field manly being employers are the sole reason why am officially broke and no longer have funds to go to interviews for potential none time wasters who may actually hire me. Along with other personal goals. Thank You Time Wasters.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Doll's

       As some of you who know me personally already know, I am the proud owner of 5 Living Dead Dolls. 2 are full sized and the other 3 are mini's.
 Squek with her pig mask on and shadow hanging from my boots

 I love them they are cute and just a hint of creepy for the faint at heart. They come with death certificates (well the full sized one's do) and the Mini's come with a noose with a clip attathed to them. I use thos clips to attath these beautiful creatures to my color cordinating outfits. I absolutely adore them. If you check out they're website and read they're desriptions you'll find witty poetry and short stories sure to make you giggle maybe just a little bit.
 I love this picture of me and Ghost in my old room about a year or so ago.

        I'm a little different than most collectors I guess. I don't beleive in leaving them unopened, sitting on a shelf, and collecting dust for display only. I beleive in functual art that's meant to enjoy, share, and carry with you. So that's sort of how I started wearing them with my outfits. Attath them to belt buckles, braclets, arm warmers, holes I cut out of my shirts, the holes in ripped tights, sometimes even pinning them down with safety pins so they don't move around so much and always facing people. As you can imagine this gained me many odd stares and murmurs in High School.
 Me and Violet and my homemade reconstructed label Dress. It's loopsided and blury but so expressive. Violet says Hi. (p.s. Yes I litteraly went around the house and duck taped and sewed on random labels and bags. Yes that is a Doritos bag.) This was my last year of high school
 I resorted to using them as a bit of a defense mechanism. When people stared and murmured, I'd smile, wave and sit one of my dolls on the table, say Hi, and make my dolls wave back at them. Even going so far as giving them there own voice and personalities,  "Ghost and Shadow Says HI!" Some said hi back and some got creeped out and left me alone. Either way I won hehe. I became known as the "weird black Goth chick with the creepy dolls," I had a few friends my last year of high considered in it was my third school and my third and last year.
  Me and Shadow I amde her wave at you
        My dolls sometimes make an appearance in my photo shoots, only because I adore them so much and one day I'll make matching outfits to them with a twist and go all out with the accessories, makeup, hair, clothing, etc and just have fun. Until then I bid thee a farewell, Until next time.
 Another picture of Me and Nohell one of those random days where I get bored and take pictures of myself.
 Another loopsided photo of me and violet. I made a duck tape and goth magazien skirt with shoes to match and I cut up an over sized shirt to look like spider webs. This was taken my last year of high school.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sneak Peak from today

  Today I had a photo shoot with Micheal From RAA photography, model Travon and a Yoga Instructor Opal Rose, and a makeup artist(sorry I forgot her name I'll check that for you later). This is my second time working with Micheal and the experience was nothing but good. I will be receiving photos back from our last shoot soon to share with you guys on my Model Mayhem and Model Insider accout. Due to adult content (slight nudity) I will not be posting these images on facebook. Possibly the not so racy ones will be posted here and maybe facebook page.

It was fun, I haven't done yoga in a while and I'm not to flexible especially with a crink in my neck, but I did just fine by not breaking anything. Yoga, Dancing, Acting, and Makeup Artistry are defenitely good things to get into if you are pursueing a career in modeling. It will help to make you more self aware, well versed, and marketable especially for Agencies If you are thinking of joining any somewhere along in your career.

Shooting nudes or implieds are not for everyone. If you just started modeling and you are a little body concious I DO NOT suggest that you jump right into nudes, especially if you are only doing it for the money. If you are uncomfortable it will show on camera, and those images will become USELESS to you and the photographer. With that being said, unfortunately a model left early today, because she was not comfortable with the nature of the shoot. It's definately not something for everyone. You have to have the passion for it and being comfortable with the people you are working with, in front of the camera, and in general. Honestly if you would've asked me to shoot nudes a year ago when I first started modeling, I probably would have looked at you strange, "I'm sorry you want me to shoot in what? No thank you I don't shoot nudes." then smile and walk away.

Now I'm more of a free spirit and I'm learning to use my body as a work of art. As I learn more and more about the industry and the people around me, I'm better able to access who and what I'm comfortable with so I don't mind shooting nudes now, but I have conditions. I have to be comfortable with the concept, the person, their work, and the location in which I will be shooting in and a whole bunch of other things as well.

Thanks everyone for stopping by to read my blog. I really appreciate it, I can't believe I have 287 views and 4 followers already. I never thought of myself as much of a writer or a blogger. I signed up for blogger to follow the blogs I read often, show support to them, and keep up with their post. Now as I start networking more and more and other bloggers inspire me to create my own, I've found myself posting here more often. So thanks sincerly for your support. I know theirs lots of other blogs out there so thanks so much for taking time to check out mine. :-)

 Heres me with different makeup (curtesy of the makeup artist) not my usual dark or heavy look, but pretty cool.