Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So You Wanna go to Art School?

After a series of conversations with artist and art majors a like the topic of art school has come up a lot. Lots of talented artist are self taught and had little to no training in their upbringing as an artist. This goes for multiple artist who practice many mediums and crafts. Some art are more digital; animators, photographers, graphic artist, etc. Some artist are more hands one; Illustrators, painters, sculptors, fashion, accessories, jewelry, mixed media or something else entirely. But most of these things are things that you may or may not know about prior to entering art school or things that can be easily learned or picked up. With the advance of the internet and many how-to books, it's fairly easier to get into than it may have been in the past. What do art schools offer that you cannot get self taught?
* You learn from professionals that are actively in the field or have been for years during or prior to teaching who can offer you one one advice that you may not be able to pick up from books.
* Books and media a limited outside of the classroom. There are certain books that schools have excess to that you will not be able to find on the market as a self taught artist. A lot of it you could probably figure out just by experience and just jumping into to there and getting your hands dirty.
* Schools have great connections to people and companies that may be otherwise nearly impossible to have excess to.
* Depending on what school you're attending or plan on attending and that schools reputation. It could make it easier to have access to jobs and internships in your career field of choice.
* College life is fun, you get a break from being at home with your family, you get to party, do almost anything you want and you don't have to answer to anyone about your actions or whereabouts. You live with or near your friends so hanging out is easy.
* College life offers access to things you wouldn't have access to at home. It could be the food, the campus itself, internet, a working computer, lots of help with school, work, and everyday needs.
* College is supposed to be the best four years of your life and something to truly treasure for life. The Downside
* College is expensive you or you family may not be able to afford it. * You may have to take out both government and student loans in combination to grants and scholarships that hopefully your school grants you upon applying.
* You may have to switch from living on campus to being a commuter which can be quite expensive and cut into your time management.
* You may need a place to study and do homework other than your room. College offers 24 hr libraries and study rooms along with the help of friends and peers who may be able to help you with anything in case you get stuck somewhere.
* You may have to take a semester off from college to work in order to save up for it and plan to return later.
* You may find yourself in an unemployment rut with a huge student loan bill to come within 6 months of not being enrolled in any classes.
* You may just drop out of school and hope to return one day and years may pass you by as you struggle to make ends meets especially with no degree to help.
* You may end up watching all of your friends and peers graduate, move on in life with their careers, get married, have kids, and life the American dream while you're still trying to survive only hoping that maybe, just maybe things will turn around.
* You may find that college isn't all it's cracked up to be and neither is being older, especially when you find yourself not being able to accomplish much.
* College can be quite troublesome. Unless you are able to find a job, save your money and start your career as a self taught artist and network and market like crazy. You may find yourself losing your mind and hating college all together.

So You Wanna Go To Art School?

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