Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Chick's Bad

              Meet Jewelry Bear, she holds all of my Jewelry and keeps them safe. I got her for Valentine's day a few years ago and the jewelry I've acquired over the years from everywhere. Some of my items are form Claire's, Hot topic, Charming Charlie's, Gifts from friends and family, Sugar & Spice DIY, parties, etc. As of recently, I've started making Jewelry of my own with different molds, stamps, free hand designs, colors, and styles.

Personally my style can vary between edgy punk rock to cute lolita, faerie, soft darkly goodies. I've always found it hard to come across things that I like that appeal to my taste and personal style and at reasonable prices. I'm creating one of a kind handmade Jewelry at reasonable prices for those that have an  , random, etc... sense of fashion like me.

              Jewelry Bear is pierced with all of my earrings even the ones I don't wear anymore. Sometimes, I think that some of my jewelry looks better on her. A lot of people react with shock when they meet her, but to me she's one of the cutest coolest teddy bears I've ever seen. I know a lot of women prefer to keep their jewelry in a box, but it's all to boring to me. I used to keep my Jewelry in a box, but it kept getting tangled and sometimes braking because of it. I wanted a mini me mannequin to place my Jewelry on then I looked in my closet and saw her.

It was love at first sight, and from that point on I knew she was perfect to be all punked out by my Jewelry. Her feet curves up perfectly to hold all of my Bracelets and arm warmers in place. Her fur isn't to soft or to rough It's just right for my arm warmers to stay placed on her arm without falling off. My earrings stay in her ears, lips, eye brows, and nose without falling out even if they don't have a back to them or a very secure one. I'm glad I didn't cut off the hook attached to her head to make it possible for me to hang her anywhere I'd like. Most Importantly she has never fallen down even with all of the weight she carries. She's a trouper and she's the coolest, edgiest, Most Punked out, Goth up bear I ever met. And this is why I can proudly say with a big cheesy smile, My Chick's bad. And yes she can do things that yours wish she could. What other bears do you know that are cool enough to last for years carrying all of that weight on a tiny plastic hook without falling or breaking? 

              This may be odd but I love her, she's my Jewelry bear and I've had her for years and I'm glad she's lasted this long.
My art supplies and patterns are in the background along with my huge rose poster painting(no not my art).

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