Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Chick's Bad

              Meet Jewelry Bear, she holds all of my Jewelry and keeps them safe. I got her for Valentine's day a few years ago and the jewelry I've acquired over the years from everywhere. Some of my items are form Claire's, Hot topic, Charming Charlie's, Gifts from friends and family, Sugar & Spice DIY, parties, etc. As of recently, I've started making Jewelry of my own with different molds, stamps, free hand designs, colors, and styles.

Personally my style can vary between edgy punk rock to cute lolita, faerie, soft darkly goodies. I've always found it hard to come across things that I like that appeal to my taste and personal style and at reasonable prices. I'm creating one of a kind handmade Jewelry at reasonable prices for those that have an  , random, etc... sense of fashion like me.

              Jewelry Bear is pierced with all of my earrings even the ones I don't wear anymore. Sometimes, I think that some of my jewelry looks better on her. A lot of people react with shock when they meet her, but to me she's one of the cutest coolest teddy bears I've ever seen. I know a lot of women prefer to keep their jewelry in a box, but it's all to boring to me. I used to keep my Jewelry in a box, but it kept getting tangled and sometimes braking because of it. I wanted a mini me mannequin to place my Jewelry on then I looked in my closet and saw her.

It was love at first sight, and from that point on I knew she was perfect to be all punked out by my Jewelry. Her feet curves up perfectly to hold all of my Bracelets and arm warmers in place. Her fur isn't to soft or to rough It's just right for my arm warmers to stay placed on her arm without falling off. My earrings stay in her ears, lips, eye brows, and nose without falling out even if they don't have a back to them or a very secure one. I'm glad I didn't cut off the hook attached to her head to make it possible for me to hang her anywhere I'd like. Most Importantly she has never fallen down even with all of the weight she carries. She's a trouper and she's the coolest, edgiest, Most Punked out, Goth up bear I ever met. And this is why I can proudly say with a big cheesy smile, My Chick's bad. And yes she can do things that yours wish she could. What other bears do you know that are cool enough to last for years carrying all of that weight on a tiny plastic hook without falling or breaking? 

              This may be odd but I love her, she's my Jewelry bear and I've had her for years and I'm glad she's lasted this long.
My art supplies and patterns are in the background along with my huge rose poster painting(no not my art).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One lovely Blog Award

So, I'm new to blogging but I'd like to award some of my favorite blogs too. The idea is to list 15 blog that I'd like to award and list 7 random things about myself. So here it goes.

 2Color Me Goth
 5 GIY: Goth It Yourself
 8 SpookyUniversity
9 Beribboned Cupcakes and Tattooed Bats
11 CemeterySandwiches.
 12The Gothic Embrac
 14 Sincerely, Boots.
 15 Gothica Gothique and the Emporium Gothica.

 7 Random facts about me
1. My real name is Ellen
2. I'm new to bloging
3. I have an Etsy  my hair is a fading green 
5. I am an freelance alternative/fashion model
6. I have a fan page for my jewelry!/CateGORYME
7 my favorite color is black

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Alternative modeling?

  I like Alternative modeling better than fashion modeling because of the freedom of self expression, and diversity. There are no limitations to creativity and no body standards. You do not have to be tall, skinny, short, light skinned, dark skinned, have long hair or short hair. The alternative scenes are more open minded towards appearance, lifestyles, religion, and everything else. It's okay to have tattoos, piercing, hand dye your hair any color of the rainbow and multiple colors if you want. I have nothing against fashion modeling, fact I'd like to do both alternative modeling and fashion modeling and maybe expand to other genres to.

I just like able to chose who I want to work with, meet new people, wear what I feel comfortable in  I often sew or up-cycle my own clothing for shoots. They are not just costumes I wear for the camera to play dress up in. These are clothing from my wardrobe that I wear to school, hang out, or when I just feel like dressing up. I'm going to school for fashion design and have been sewing for about tow years now. I nice portion of my wardrobe is self made. For those of you who have asked, I do not have a personal website that I use to sell any of these items but I will soon enough. I'll post links to my Facebook Page, model mayhem, and this blog too if you want. But baby steps right. Random Eye Candy Photography
I like the alternative scene better as it reflects my personality, lifestyles, and interest. I model as a way to express myself with my body and facial expressions. I just stated modeling but already I have had the pleasure of working with very talented people and have been introduced to talented people that I'd love to work with one day. I'll write up a list of the people I've worked with and reviews of them as well. But, alternative modeling allows me to be myself basically and show the world just who that is. I have had an interest in the scene for about a couple of years now and recently more open about it for about 5 years. And modeling just helps me to express those interest in a way that I'm not used to.

Names, what story does yours tell.

         Hello, My name is Ellen. Some of you Know me as Saphire Rainforest which is my model name. I am going to begin my first post with telling you why I chose that name. As you've probably guessed from my work, I lean more towards alternative modeling. I like styles like Gothic, Punk, Artist(not nude), and anything creative. I have noticed that a lot of alternative models use their nicknames, real names, or made up names for their modeling work. I have also noticed that a lot of their names tend to be striking, intimidating, fierce. They like to have names like Demon, Satan, Razorblade, Switchblade, dead doll, porcelain doll, disturbed, Vampyra, Pin up Doll, Aloha, etc. The list goes on and on. I like these names I have nothing against them but they lead me to believe that the model will be doing shoots mostly geared towards a few styles, which is fine too. Like when I think of a name like Dead Dolly, I think ooo pretty ghastly looking doll shoots. I have checked out Dead Dolly and She rarely ever does any Doll like shoots, but she is very talented. Or Demon for example, the name alone may imply anti religious and may be associated with modeling sites like satanic sluts or like the model Demonicunt.
I have checked out Demon, and she is one of the first black alternative models and she chose that name because its fierce and reflects her personality. I've read some of her interviews on  and She is quite witty and creative.
Pasted Graphic 1.tiff ¨
Also with Dead Dolly, she chose that name because it was a childhood nickname given to her by her grandparents. See what I mean by names, they tell a story like art or literature. I want my name to tell mines.  Also see how these names may give you ideas about a person before you even bother checking out their work, reading interviews, or their blogs. I don't think people have the slightest clue of my interest before they check me out, if they are just going by the name alone.

Sapphire is my birth stone. I was born in september, in case you are not familiar with birthstones and the months they belong to. The problem is that Sapphire happens to be lots of models name, nick names, and a popular name in general. So I figure If I take off a "p" it'll make my name that much more different. Rain forest can be looked at in many different ways. I chose to look at it as both a having both a light side and a dark side, like I'm sure most people have. Rain forest can be seen as peaceful, calming, and the perfect vacation destination. They can also be one of the most dangerous places to be. They are filled with beautiful but deadly creatures like snakes, lions, flesh eating plants etc. I'm not a violet person, but I do tend to have an odd sense of humor and I'd like the idea of being thought of as beautiful, calming, peaceful, but can be dangerous all in one. It's kind of fierce and cool.