Friday, November 16, 2012

10 things not Goth about me (inspired by Allison Paige Eckfeldt)

I read this post origanally on Allison's blog. I think it's a great idea. It's something that a lot of us really don't think about. I think this is one of the hardest list that I've ever had to come up with in life. Lol

1.) I like Keasha. When she first came out I thought she was white trash. But in college she grew on me and I like her as party music.

2.) I like to read Historic Fiction books.

3.) Most of my friends come from all walks of life and are not Goth. I do not have a Goth Crew like the movies either.

4.) I like the movie and show Clueless.


5.) I don't dress "Goth" 24/7. More than half the time I wear jeans and sweats.

6.) I love the Movies The Notebook, Time Travelers Wife, and P.S. I Love You.


7.) I watch Pretty Little Liars.


8.) I'd like to go to school to become a Certified Dental Assistant and still continue with my Bachalor's degreee in Business.


9.) I'm subscribed to Jenna Marbles and I watch the Awkward Balck Girl Series on YouTube.

10.) I like Charlie Brown.


And there you have it, 10 random things about me that are the furthest thing from Goth.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Etsy Success links

Most of the questions I read on Forums, teams, discussions, and through convo on etsy can be answered in various books and websites with a little bit of research, reading, applying, learning, sharing, helping, and just being active on the site in general. This a LONG LIST so WARNING! IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE MOOD FOR A LONG READ.

I sincerely hope this helps. These are tried and trued methods I've used and has helped me to dramatically improve the traffic of my shop and it continues to grow daily.

Etsy Success links

Why Your Profile and Product Need a Compelling Story

Etsy success team

The Etsy Blog

Starting a business of Etsy  for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Everything Etsy

How do I improve my shop's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

10 Real Tips for Selling successfully on Etsy

Dos and DON’TS of Etsy

What are “keywords” for search ads?

Do you have any tools to help price my items? What is the Market Research Tool?

Etsy Success: Shop Stats Insights

Google Ad words Keyword Tool

Twenty Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Etsy Shop


20 Ways How to Drive Traffic to your Etsy Shop

Making 3000 Sales (or More) on Etsy

by Rita Juhlin 
(Private Stock Jewelry)
Etsy Tips on  Pinterest

Getting Eyes on Your Etsy Shop: Join a Treasury Team


Etsy SEO Basics Part 1

Designed to Teach and Inspire

Craft supplier finds joy in helping others.

How to Get Your Jewelry
Seen on Etsy

An Etsy survival guide for jewelry artists

© by Cathy Tran; all rights reserved

Etsy Tips

How to Sell on Etsy for Maximum Success

How to Pitch to Bloggers

How To Drive Traffic To Your Etsy Shop With A Blog
The “How to” of a homemade business

Prep for the Holidays During the Seasonal Slowdown


Sharing and Selling


Friday, October 26, 2012

Etsy.Storenvy, tags, keywords, and SEO

I've seen, read, and watched many articles, books, and youtube videos, and webinars on this topic and very similar, but it's been pretty general and not to specific for me. So I decided to type one up and see if it can help anyone out. And to get feedback from it. So let me know what you think and I will type and research more. 

Color Tags
Green – Emerald, Celtic, Jade, olive, sour apple, sea, sage, moss, lime, grass, leafy, Hazel
Pink- Bubble gum, Barbie, baby girl, flush, blush, salmon, rose
Purple- Amethyst, lavender, lilac, plum, orchard, grape, pomegranate, violet, wine, royal
Red- Crimson, Cherry, ruby, blood, flaming, fuchsia, rose, maroon, burgundy, rust, scarlet, russet
White- pale, cream, bleached, chalky, ivory, frosted, milky, snow, snowy
Black- noir, Charcoal, shadow, soot, midnight
Blue- Teal, turquoise, ocean, sea, sky, sapphire, navy, ultramarine
Orange- Carrot, apricot, peach, tangerine, cantaloupe
Yellow- Sun, bee, bumble bee, butter, blond, mustard, lemon, sunshine, gold
Gold-rich, yellow, brown
Brown- Beige, brick, amber, sienna, chocolate, chestnut, khaki, henna, nut, russet, tan, tawny, rust, sepia, copper, cinnamon, ginger, toast, umber, auburn, foxy, brunette, burnt
Grey-Ash, smoke, charcoal, stone

Light- Faint, translucent, transparent, ethereal, soft, gentle, minor, airy, illuminate
Bright- Ablaze, fire, brilliant, dazzling, sparkling, glistening, sparkling, beaming, luminous, radiant, vivid
Dark- Dim, obscure, opaque, gloomy

Holiday- Anniversary, celebration, festival, vacation, merry
Halloween- Black cat, witch, All hallows eve, sanheim
Valentine’s Day-Cupid, hearts,
Christmas-Yule, Jolly, Merry, Santa, religion,
Thanksgiving- Pilgrims, Gratitude,
Day of the Dead-Katerina, sugar skulls, ofrenda, pepel picado, pan de muertos, Mexican, skulls, skeletons
Easter-bunny, eggs, color dye, basket, dress, church, religion

Fall-  Autumn, Harvest
Summer-  Tropical, sun, fun, solstice
Winter-  Jack Frost,
Spring- Bloom, grow, new, life,

Alternative scenes/subcultures
Gothic- Cyber, dark Victorian, bubble goth, color goth, perky goth, Nu-Goth, Dark, spooky, Trad goth, fetish goth, hippie goth, goth Lolita, j-goth, rivethead, deathrocker, baby bat, corp goth, gothabilly, rockabilly, caberet goth, pin up goth, fearie goth, tribal goth, medieval goth, steampunk goth, vampire goth,etc
Punk- Post punk, misfit, rocker, bands, celtic punk, cowpunk, gypsy punk
Emo- Emotionally depressed, emotionally sensitive, high school phase,
Scene- 80’s inspired
Fetish- Erotica, latex
Visual Kei- Asian,  j-rock
Metal- Music, heavy rock
Rocker-  Music, edgy, dark,
Steampunk- Victorian, clockwork, golden, bronze, time,
Hippie-  counter culture,
Cyber- electronic music, industrial, cyber locks, cyber dance, colorful, computer, punk, nu-goth,

Alternative-Art, clothes, odd, bands, music, misunderstood, tattoos, history, writing, crafts, different, unique, style, people, scene, makeup, hairstyles, hair dyes, rebellion, angst, self expression, freedom, colorful, dance, 

Book Review- selling on Etsy for Dummies

I found the book to be very helpful and educational. I wouldn't be able to start my shop and get it to the point it's at now without it.

The Chapters that I found to be the most helpful were on item descriptions, titles, tags, how to make a banner, marketing, and all of the middle chapters after setting up the basics. I got the  help I needed with writing my bio,about me page, shop policies, and everything.

I don't have any sales in my shop yet so I didn't really go into rest much. I picked up a few things on customer service, Promotions, etc.

What I've learned so far from it is that sales and promotions aren't necessarily relevant for just starting. They work much better when you already have customers, it's a technique to keep them coming back.

Being active to gaining as much traffic as possible.
I try to aim for 50-100 in day when in actuality I'm more likely to get between 15-30.

I've noticed that the most successful shops have the most views and favorites and are added to a lot of treasuries.

So I try to add shops and listings as well as treasuries for promotion as well. I'm still struggling with the SEO of my shop to boost more traffic so it'll take a little bit more experimentation.

The more items I add the more traffic I have in my shop. I don't have the finances to add as much items as I'd like to as often as I'd like to let alone that many items in my inventory. But when I do I make sure to add them, write full descriptions, play around with the SEO keywords, and post to teams, and favorite items there as well. I also like to make treasuries similar to the items in my shop so that people search for things similar they can find me.

Also it's like karma. the more items and shops I add to favorites and treasuries, the more people add my items and shop to their favorites and treasuries. And it works as a promotion for all of us.

I like to interact with other sellers by asking questions and being active on team discussions and community forums.

One thing I'd recommend is taking a  break from online every once in a while. It can be very draining and makes me feel burnt out.

I add people who favorite my shop and items to my circle so I can have a better idea of the things they are shopping for, and take note to add similar items to my shop in the future.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Alternative Modeling? What is "Alternative"?


To me alternative is people who are interested in none mainstream fashion trends who do 

their own thing. It can be Gothic, punk, scene, emo, steampunk, or someone who creates a 

genre all of themselves. Yes heavy tattoos, piercings, and wild hair dye is part of it 

outwardly. But it's mostly a subculture of people who are different in a good unique way 

from society norms and embrace it and come together to find like minded people and live 

life free.


As far as styles go there'e the fashion trends found in almost every store created cheaply 

and mass produced, then there's the alternative fashion trends created by individual artist

who want to share their art and go against the fashion trends. And those who create their


 It's a mindset more than it is a fashion sense. More like a mindset that can be expressed 

through fashion.

"Alternative is a generic term used to describe people who dare to be free-thinkers and who

 are content in being themselves. I don't think being alternative is just about what you wear,

 because all that can be faked. You can't fake your interests and beliefs, you can try, but 

people will pick up on the fact that you're just trying too hard. 

What is off putting about the alternative community is those who try to keep it 

"underground" or those who try to dictate what is and what isn't alternative. In my opinion 

there are no guidelines a person has to adhere to in order to be considered "alternative". I 

personally don't express myself in the way I dress, which is normal for those who are

considered to be "alternative", I prefer to do it through my actions and hobbies. I don't 

think that makes me less "alternative", but to be honest I was never one to get wrapped up 

in labels. I am me, and nothing more." - Ashley Schandelmeier Owner of The Alternative Modeling Directory


This is an age old question that gets asked time and time again to many people in the Alternative world. And there are so many snobs who believe they have the right to tell others what is and what isn't and exclude others that aren't like them. When this Subculture is all about love and acceptence and the freedom to be ourselves even if it's not popular, or not cool.


P.S you may have noticed that I used examples of all sorts of alternative models here to show the variety in the subculture and not just being limited to gothic, punk, metal, tattooes, piercings, Emo, or scene. I used models that have all sorts of styles shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. When I post pictures of alternative models I like to make sure that I post more than just one style, like Gothic, Traditional goth, cyber punk, metal, industrial, tattooed, colorful hair colors as well as natural including blonde.

I am more than honored to find 3 of my modeling pictures in google images next to some of the most talented models in the industry and ones of which I admire most like Amanda Tea, Joan Nokamoto, Natymetal, Yaz, and  a few others including suicide girls. I'm glad to be included and be so easy to find.

Klassy Von Kreeps (necklace designer) 

Gothic Makeup

Saturday I decided to do my makeup a little bit different. I added false lashes and used multiple shades of purple, black and grey. I wore light red and black lip goss and slight blush.
My hair was messy to I tied it up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Polymer clay: craft tips

1.) Never! Ever! Ever!Ever!Ever!Ever!EVER! for any reason under the sun usde Mod Modge on any of your craft wears. Not polymer clay, Bottle caps, Cameos, DO not use it as a glaze of any kind on any surface. It looks nice and shiny in nice cool weather, But when it's hot The product melts, and sticks to everything and attracts all kind of dirt and lint. I actually has place a few items in my Factory Reject bin. Which is where I keep the peices that went wrong at some point before, during, or after the making as a lesson of what not to do.
2. Never use Carckled Accents or glossy accents on Polymer clay. These products are good for paper crafts they work fine on my bottle caps even in the sun. But on polymer clay, it never quite drys and can attract dirt and lint.
3.) When it comes to glazing your polymer clay crafts stick to Sculpey glaze. It is made for polymer clays. It is smooth, does not stick, drys fully in 5-10 mintutes. Do not use any substitute.
4.) Wash your hands thoroughly and work on a clean surface. Clay it very sensitive and can attract all kinds of dirt and lint. Some clays are more sensitive than others. White is a real pain so be extra careful with it. you might have better luck using a beige or tan colored clay then painting it white after you're done.
5.) Use paint brushes separate from your regular paint sets. The clay, glazes, and paints can change the texture of the brush and may not paint the same.
6.Use a paint brush to smooth over the sculpey glaze on the  clay to make it more even.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Makeup post: White dots

Purple and black eye shadow with white dots at the edges. I thought I'd try something new and experiment with dots on my eyes. I'm dying to find a deeper and brighter purple though. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goth it up:How to tone up your look (Makeup)



My makeup routines are consisitant with the colors I wear and the mood I'm in. My favorite makeup routine lately has been my purple and black smokey eyes that matches well with my skin tone and anything I wear.I like my lips to be on a lazy day red lip gloss on the inside and black lipgloss on the outside. I could really use a black lip stain, but instead I use eyeliner/lipliner and chapstick that and red lip slodd and black lipgloss for a deep color and shine (My Vampy Lips).

I just bought I nikon yay! I'll be doing vlogs and adding more pictures here soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Review:The Secret and The Magic

I read these books around the same time. They are both by Rhonda Bryne adn I absoutely love them. The Secret is more about the Law of Attraction and how the universe works according to the frequency of your thoughts. Basically, if you can think it you can bring it. It's filled with positive quotes, stories, inspiration and motivation that doesn't seem likt a waste of time. It's genuinly helped and I'm dying to watch The Secret movie, I've heard good thingsabotu it and the book has me convinced that it is very helpful and inspiring. I highly recommend this book if you are depressed, stressed out, and left wondering, " Is there something to life that I'm just not getting?" I think it'll help you find the answers that you've always been looking for.

The Magic is a 28 day challenge focusing on the Law of Gratitude and each day is filled with different methods of how to incorporate practicing gratitude every day. By the end of the book you'll have these things wired into your system without thinking about it. It just becomes so automatic and the happiness and positive vibes you'll feel is never ending, emotional and overall good for the soul. what I like most about these books is that to convert to anything that you may or may not be comfortable with to experience The Magic or to absorbing the wisdom of The Secret. There are gods to be worshipped or previous knowledge of the Bible, Koran, Philosophies, other religious text or anything needed.

The power is all in You and  depends on how you act, react, and think of various things and events. Which works perfectly for people who are religious, philosophical, pagan, atheist, or whatever. You can apply the messages into whatever it is that you already believe in as well as use it to expand on the knowledge that you've gained from your own beliefs. It does
not insult or put down others beliefs or ways of life, its not


manipulative in any way. It's just really open, wise, and a mind changing, life changing experience to have and enjoy. I ready love it. It helped me to clarify some things I've had on my mind over some time and encouraged me to pursue other things with more confidence. I am so happy and grateful to have this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Bryne for sharing these experiences with the world!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music finds:Hair and makeup Playlist

I don't know about most people but i like to have music play while I'm getting ready. So I created a hair and makeuo playlist about a year ago. Putting my playlist on random doesn't quite do the trick so making a playlist to match my mood while getting ready has made putting on my makeup that much more fun.


1.) My Alcoholic Friends- The Dresden Dolls
2.) Sing- The Dresden Dolls
3.)Half Jack- The Dresden Dolls


4.)Liar- Emillie Autumn
5.) Dead is the New Alive- Emillie Autumn
6.)How Strange- Emillie Autumn
7.) Opheliac- Emillie Autumn
8.)Heard it all- Emillie Autumn
9.)Best Safety Lies in Fear- Emillie Autumn
10.) Swallow-Emillie Autumn
11.)Marry Me- Emillie Autumn

12.)Witches-Switchblade Symphony
13.) Wicked- Switchblade Symphony
14.) If I were a Goth- Thou Shalt Not
15.) Hong Kong Garden- Siouxie and the Banshees
16.) Spellbound- Siouxie and the Banshees


17.)Crystal Forest- Nox Arcana
18.) TransMedley- Nox Arcana
19.)Lords of Darkness- Nox Arcana
20.) Theatre of Sorrows- Nox Arcana
21.) Dollhouse- switchbalde Symphony
22.) A-Punk- Vampire Weekend

Scene from Beetlejuice

23.)Jump the Line- Harry Belafonte
24.) The Banana Boat  Song- Harry Belefonte
25.) A Journey To Hogwarts- Nicolas Hooper
26.) The Sirius Deception- Nicolas Hooper


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goth Questions:my answers to questions people have asked over the years


What happens if you date someone that isn't Goth? Do you tone it down for them if they aren't into all of that?

No, I am going to be myself 24/7 if someone doesn't like the way I dress, the music I like, or are into all of the things I'm into that's perfectly fine. But if they can't accept me just the way I am then I don't want anything to do  with them.


I know you dream of having a big Goth wedding but what if your husband isn't Goth? Are you gonna have a traditional wedding and wear a white dress for him?

I don't know what kind of wedding I'll have until I get married. Ideally I'd like to have a Goth Themed wedding but I'm sure that my wedding will be a combination of both my styles and his as well as the story of our lives and relationship.

I do not plan on wearing a white dress for any reason under the sun. As far as I'm concerned weddings these days aren't traditional anyways. But that's just me.

There's nothing tradional about me at all and my wedding will be an experience to have. But I'm more concerned about the marriage than I am about the wedding.

Aren't you hot in all of that Black?

It depends on the material and the weather really the color has little to do with my temperature.


What if you marry someone christian or religious are you going to convert to they're religion to become apart of they're family?

No, I've been to several religious and none religious schools I've read the bible, and other religious books and studied wicca, paganism. and various forms of philosophy. I am a bonified Athiest. I do no worship any god or goddess I never have and never will. It's simply nothing I'm comfortable with. I believe there's a power in the universe and everything has it's own energy that we should all be aware of and that it's important to be grateful for all of the things we have, had, and want among with many other things. I guess you can say that I have my own religion or that I am my own religion, but I prefer philosophy to religion anyways.

Ohh no you aren't Goth are you? What are you exactly?

Yes I do identify with the Goth subculture
Me last year when I first started modeling. Copyright Angel Images

I can't believe you dress like that, did you get your ass kicked today? Did you get into any fights today?

No most times when I dress up I receive lots of postitve attention and I don't attract violent behavior in people. Just because someone dresses a certain way doesn't mean they deserve violence or are welcoming abuse of any kind it's really sad when I see this in the news
Facebook picture of me at 18 my last year of high school. I made a dress out of labels and plastic bag logos tapped to a scrappy dress and spray dyed.

I hate being seen without my black lip stick at times.

Is it halloween?

1.) Halloween is a lifestyle not just a holiday.
2.) My wardrobe is not a costume.
3.) If were to wear a costume trust me you would know it.
4.) Who cares how I dress or what time of the year it is.
That awkward moment when you get bored and decide to take dress up and take pictures with your living dead dolls and share them with the world. One of the reasons why I started modeling, so that I can have real photoshoots outside of my bathroom mirror. A girl can dream can't she.

When are you gonna grow out of this phase?

This is not a phase it's a lifestyle that I continue to grow into as I get older
Back when my hair was red and I loved my blow dryed fros.

I know a Goth guy he doesn't dress Goth, so why do you? You know other people may not want to know that you are Goth? Why do you feel the need to show off?

1.) I can dress however I want to in order to express myself anytime I want to. I don't feel the need to show off anything. I'm just being me. Other people are free to express themselves however they want to and so can I.
2.) People wear crosses, pentacles, pentagrams etc. Do I want to know what religion you are? Do I care? No, I don't go around saying things like I know christians, pagans, wiccans, and jews who don't wear crosses, stars, pentagrams, pentacles, etc, so why do you? Do you see how that sounds? I have the same rights just as you do.
3.)Some Goths like more of the music than they do the fashion and other parts like the art, literature, and lifestyle.
4.) Not all Goths dress "Goth" 24/7 some days we just may want to wear jeans and a t-shirt.
5.) Some of us can't afford Goth clothes and accessaries so we just wear whatever.
6.) Most of us don't care what other people think of us. Some of us are comfortable and confident to dress in the styles we like without thinking about others views and opinions.
Here's a picture of me when I was 17. I'm not wearing makeup, accessaries, or anything "Goth" just all black and laying on the floor.

Why are you Goth? You do realize that people like that only do it for attention right? Why are you conforming to this trend.

I like the music, the syle, the art, the literature, and everything about it. It matches up with most of the things I like and are attracted to whether I claim the Goth label or not.

It's a common misconception that alternative people only do the things they just to get a rise out of others when it's really not the case. For me I like the things I like and I am the person I am and I could careless about what others think about it. By saying such a thing you are suggesting that everything I do, everything I buy, Everywhere I go I have you in mind.
When I get dressed I'm thinking of you. When I'm shopping I'm thinking of you. When I'm sketching my designs I'm thinking of you. When I'm drafting pattern I'm thinking of you. The sewing machine, picking an item to wear from jewelry bear, sculpting clay, stamping clay, etc. It's quite narcissistic to go around believing that everyone in the alternative cultures who dresses in a different way, dyes they're hair, wears colored dreads, body modifications, tattooes, etc has YOU in mind when doing so.

My style is my art and my art is my story and nobody can tell it but me and it has to be in my way. You can not like it, not agree with it, all you want. But do not even for one second think that it's all just to piss you and others off or to seem like the cool kid on the block in GothGirlandia. Because believe me that is not my intention.

I can't conform to somehing if I'm just being myself and I find other likeminded people who agree with me. If I'm conforming for being Goth then aren't you conforming for not being Goth or for being whoever you are if there's other people like you?

No I'm just being me and there's others who like some of the same things or similar to what I like be it Goth or not.

Me and my mini living dead dolly ghost kidding around. I don't think there's anybody quite like me to be honest.

Do you listen to any other music besides Goth?

Yes I listen to various genres of music from classical to rock, alternative, movie soundtracks, etc.

I know some Goths that listen to Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, etc you know like "normal" people do. How come you don't?

I grew up with this kind of music and I was always looking for something different outside of it because it really didn't appeal to me very much or at all for that matter. I find most of the music in those genre's to be highly annoying for various reasons. It's not because I'm too "Gawf" for it I just prefer other genre's of music and I have nothing against people who listen to other styles of music as long as they don't try to force it onto me. 

Are there any other questions that you'd like to ask me? Ask away.